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Top 17 Music Podcasts

Do you enjoy listening to music?

I sure do.

I also love to discuss music with my friends.

But, when my friends aren’t around – I go to my favorite music podcasts.

1. Disgraceland

disgracelandIf you are into mystery, crime story and conspiracy theory then you should listen to Disgraceland.

Hosted by Jake Brennan, Disgraceland tells the story of a crime that scandalized the music industry.

Listening to this podcast takes you to another point of view. A point of view that is not curated by the media and publicist.

You can feel the theme of the show by its components making Disgraceland one of a kind.

The tone of Jake Brennan as he narrates the story feels like you are in a dark alley watching the crime as it happens. You can feel the vibe and intensity of the story as it progresses by Jake’s choice of words and voice intonation.

Most of his words slur and are hard to muster as he gets excited reciting them, but you will get the idea anyway by its ambient. In spite of, I must say that Disgraceland makes you want to listen for more of its episodes.

Have a taste of Disgraceland and see for yourself how much you know the artist you praise much.

Catch Disgraceland for free on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Play and at their website.

Have your episodes update delivered straight from Jake Brennan himself on Twitter at @theejakebrennan or Disgraceland twitter account at @disgracelandpod.

2. Dissect


From the title itself, Dissect aims to explore and study the songs of an album of a specific artist.

Dissect is a Spotify original and produced music podcast. It is considered “serialized” podcast that features a particular album of an artist.

To kick off the podcast, Cole Cuchna features Kendrick Lamar’s album to Pimp a Butterfly for season 1. He then featured Kanye West’s album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy on its second season.

What intrigued me the most is the season featuring Frank Ocean. I include myself to the numerous people who are well aware of artists such as Kanye and Kendrick, their life dramas and their music ministry.

But Frank Ocean, I barely know anything about this man. All I know is I love his song Thinking ‘Bout You and this song, in particular, got me tuning in to Dissect.

This music podcast is brilliant. It discusses the songs of the album and its connection to the artist’s personal life.

What motivates the song and why it was written. Cole presents each episode in an easy to digest manner.

The flow of the content and his choice of words are simple and easy to understand.

After listening to this podcast, you will end up knowing more about the artist and how he/she is personally.

For me, this music podcast is suitable for people who like to explore albums and study the man behind it. Those who will not get bored of listening to a certain artist’s unknown songs.

So if you like to find out more and beyond Kanye West’s ideology and Kendrick Lamar’s life then tune in to this music podcast and wait for more seasons to find out who is the next to be dissected.

Dissect’s official playlist is on Spotify and on their website. Get familiar with Cole Cuchna by following him on Instagram at @turangalila.

3. On Shuffle

on shuffle

Intense. That is the very first thought I had while listening to this music podcast.

On Shuffle is hosted by Micah Peters, staff writer of The Ringer and the producer of the show. It is a hip and no-holds-barred music podcast that discusses various topics on the music scenes.

I would like to start with Micah Peter’s voice – it is attention-grabbing. Am I the only one who thinks that his voice sounds like Mario Lopez?

It is pretty cool actually. It is not too pitchy nor deep, just enough to make you listen.

Micah discusses substantial topics under the roof of the music industry. He discusses topics that people usually have in mind but are too shy to ask.

The episode entitled How a Song becomes a Viral Hit is a cool and informative episode which educates the listener on the pattern and trends that make a song into a hit.

Micah gives a truthful and honest opinion that is eye-opening. He has views that root from a different perspective.

Just like how he pronounced his opinion against Post Malone’s rise to stardom. It is exhilarating since he voices his bold opinion towards a “star” that can fire back at him.

Also, the show is not a one-way show. He invites music personalities to co-host episodes of On Shuffle that honestly provide their perspective on the topic.

I find intense discussion a great element into the show. It brings out the pureness of opinions which is liberating and engaging.

You can also follow Micah Peters on Twitter at @micahpeters_ to get a daily dose of his wit and antics. On Shuffle playlist is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

4. Exploder Song

song exploder

This is the music podcast for those who like to get to know the musician’s artistry.

The show puts the spotlight on the artist as he tours the listeners on how his music comes to life.

The host, Hrishikesh Hirway produces, records, and edits every episode of the Exploder.

He cuts his part on the interview to showcase and emphasize the musician’s ingenuity.

That way the show appears like a personal documentary of the musician’s journey to creating songs.

Great thing about this music podcast is that you will hear the artist take apart his song and reveal how he comes up with his music, what inspires him, and what the song is about.

Song Exploder podcast episodes usually consist of the artist’s narration of his story interjected by a clip of his music as a form of transition to the next topic.

At the end of the show, the song being discussed will be played and that is my favorite part of an episode. Hearing the song after knowing how it was made gives you a new perspective on the song.

Listening to Exploder Song podcast provides you with a unique music experience as it presents the history of the song coming straight from the maker.

Get tons of Hrishikesh Hirway’s genuine geniuses on his official website and by following him on Twitter at @hrishihirway and Instagram at @hrishihirway.

5. Switched on Pop

switched on pop

Finally, a podcast that I can easily relate to.

Switched on Pop is a podcast hosted by Nate Sloan a Musicologist and Charlie Harding a songwriter and music producer. Both are reliable music professionals who know the ins and outs of the music industry.

This music podcast analyzes popular pop songs and pop culture itself.

With all the podcast that I’ve listened to, I can say that this is one that I can tune in to for a couple of hours.

The hosts and their guests make a clear and beefy discussion about their topic which makes me get into those “a-ha” moments.

The episode where they discuss the difference of feminist pop songs today from Spice Girls era was liberating. I realized that every part of a song is essential in creating and delivering the impression and message it depicts.

Their discussion is not restricted in their perspective only. Instead, they invite other experts to give the topic depth and clarity.

Follow Nate Sloan @NeatSloan and Charlie Harding @CharlieHarding to get updates on Switched on Pop.

6. A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal

a waste of time with itsthereal

If you want a good laugh and obvious disconnect from the usual deep and serious podcast, listen to A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal.

The show is about getting real with the guest artist’s life and experiences delivered in a not so serious mood.

The hosts Jeff and Eric Rosenthal, are brothers known for their Hip-hop sketch comedy videos.

They are active on hip-hop scenes that is why they can get affiliation that easy to their guests. They are doing a great job cracking up their guests and showing their funny side.

The theme of the show is to get to know the artist through their childhood experiences or most valued life moments they have. The podcast is a recording of their live interviews which they share on their website,

I especially enjoyed their interview with Cardi B. I find Cardi B hilarious and at the same time real by the way she talks and delivers her answers. She swears and talks dirty but it in a funny way.

It is a hit entertaining podcast with lots of famous guests on the list. I guarantee it is light, it is real and nothing serious.

A Waste of Time podcast playlist is available on their website where you can also have a snippet of who Eric and Jeff Rosenthal are.

You can get the latest update with these hilarious dudes by following them on twitter at @itstherealjeff and @itstherealeric and the official twitter of ItsTheReal at @itsthereal.

7. Punch Up the Jam

punch up the jam

I am a big fan of comedy! (Obviously, as the prior one is a comedy and the next two are comedy-based too.)

So when I heard Punch Up the Jam, I got excited. The hosts, Miel Bredouw and Demi Adejuyigbe, are real-life comedians and best friends who came up with the podcast’s theme out of belting out Jungle Boogie one morning.

The show is all about ripping and reviewing a song. They will try to rewrite and remake a song that for them seems not right to their judgment.

On my note, I found them funny. You can’t take their commentaries seriously though because they tend to take away the artistry of the song.

And so, the show is purely for fun and entertainment purposes. They make silly and witty commentaries that you will burst out with laughter.

Their review of Miley Cyrus’ song Party in the USA is so hilarious. They imitate her singing voice and take down the lyrics of the song because they think it doesn’t match Miley Cyrus in real life.

My favorite part of the episode is when they play their rendition of the song. I can say they ruin the song but it is funny and you can see some possibilities of the song.

Punch Up the Jam podcast episodes are available for download on their website. You can also listen to their episodes on SoundCloud, Spotify, and iTunes.

P.S. Read their description on their site, it’s so funny.

And if you find the hosts funny and want to get to know them more, you can check out their respective websites. for Miel and for Demi.

8. Throwback Music Video Review Podcast

throwback music video review podcast

Okay, this is the first entry for a throwback.

I cannot express enough my attachment to the songs that I grew up listening to. So if you are like me who is a big fan of throwback hits and comedy shows, then this one is for you.

Throwback Music Video Review Podcast is a comedy podcast where they review videos from the past. Yes, VIDEO! Not the music of the video but just the video itself.

The hosts Al, Ryan, and Louie have that natural chemistry together and makes the discussion about the music videos funny, light and not dull.

Though their discussion seems based on their perspective, the flow of the show is entertaining and mostly agreeable.

The show is not too draggy compared to other podcasts hence will not make you fall asleep listening to it. They describe the scenes in the music video and at the end, they will give their judgment whether to throw it or keep it.

It’s a little breather from tons of music podcasts that focus on songs and musicology.

The tendency with listening to this podcast is that you will be curious about the video being reviewed so you will search the video to check it out yourself.

You can find Throwback Music Video Review Podcast on Facebook (@TMRVpodcast), Instagram (throwback_music_video_review) and Twitter (

Al De Ramos ( and Louie Mendoza ( are on Facebook too.

9. The Throwback Podcast

And speaking of throwback, I would like to add another blast from the past podcast on the list for one perfect reason – to reminisce.

The Throwback podcast is an ideal podcast if you feel like having a trip down memory lane.

Fresh from their garage-based studio, friends Dan Hanzus and Bob Castrone revisit albums and tracks from the past.

Every episode of The Throwback Podcast, they feature old albums of an artist or top hits from decades or years ago.

Apart from the theme of the podcast, the personalities of the hosts give spunk to the show. Dan seems to display lousy temper and Bob is the tame one which is a great fit and balance for the show.

It supports the idea of how “old friends” relationships should be like. The casual conversation with swearing on the side and beer on the table (yes, we can hear clinking and popping bottles in the background).

They share their thoughts about the song before and how they look at it now after hearing it again.

This is my go-to podcast when I am feeling sentimental.

You can also follow Dan and Bob at and check out their bio to know how they decided to do a podcast.

10. Popular Music: The Podcast

popular music the podcast

I checked out Popular Music podcast because this is my genre.

As I researched first about this podcast, I found out that they review one favorite song per episode. Then I realized that this is not just about pop music genre but the popular songs as well, the ones which everybody seems to know.

Hosted by Steven Ray Morris and Analise Nelson, both popular podcast producers and personalities, make the show content easy to digest.

They discuss the history of the artist before they dissect the song being featured and tell what they like and don’t like about the song.

Steven is the one to tell the story of the artist and he seems to connect the back story of the artist as inspiration to the song. Analise then breaks down the song from its composition down to the lyrics and how it became a catchy tune.

It is fun to listen especially if you are doing laundry or washing the dishes – you know the kind of stuff that doesn’t need too much attention. It will not bore you yet doesn’t need your full attention.

Get updates from their twitter accounts at @popmusicpodcast or from Steven himself @stevenraymorris or Analise @iamanabot

11. Coverville

For me, to consider a song a good song, it should have a cover. Covers signify the song’s popularity and quality.

Coverville’s got you covered if you are looking for compilations of best cover songs. Each episode of Coverville hosted and produced by Brian Ibbott features an artist’s collection of song renditions made by other artists or bands.

It has thousands of episodes to date since it started in 2004. I am a big fan of cover songs.

I love the feeling of rediscovering a song through hearing another version of it. It refreshes my perspective on the song and I get to appreciate new artists.

As such, I fell in love with two Seconds Away’s version of Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. I feel the very emotion of the song and it makes me think of a person I want to dedicate the song to.

Listening to Coverville is like a walk down memory lane and rediscovering the beauty of a song by hearing someone else sing it.

The Coverville is just perfect music podcast for exploring genius cover songs that are not available elsewhere.

The covers range from punk, rock, instrumental and even trance versions of a song.

You can check Coverville on its website and see the full archives of their podcast.

You can also email Coverville at if you want to request or make suggestions of songs to feature or tweet Brian Ibbott himself at @coverville.

12. All Time Top Ten

I miss the old days when there were still radio shows that did countdowns. So I searched for a podcast that still did that and I found All-Time Top Ten.

Hosted by Ben Eisen, All Time Top Ten invites guest co-hosts who give their top ten music list based on the topic.

The show provides top ten songs corresponding the topic of their episode. As such, they have Top Ten Bands We’d Love to See Reunite, Top Ten Angry Heartbreak Songs, etc.

The host and the guest hosts have their list of top ten and they discuss why they chose the songs on their list. What I like about this podcast are its theme and complexity.

Their topics are compelling and exciting, just like their top ten list of feminist anthem which has two volumes to date.

I find it engaging that I also think of the songs that may be included in the top ten and see if those songs will come out on their list.

One thing I noticed is that Ben’s voice volume is low so it is hard for me to catch mostly what he says.

This podcast is a conversation starter and I recommend it for group listening.

Keep posted with the upcoming episodes by following All Time Top Ten on Twitter at @AllTimeTopTen.

13. All Songs Considered

all songs considered

If you want to get updated with the new songs that are “fresh from the oven”, then you should tune in to All Songs Considered.

All Songs Considered by NPR (National Public Radio) features new songs and albums released on the same day the episode is recorded.

Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton, the producers and hosts of the show, invite guests to the show to discuss and give commentary on the song or album.

Though Bob and Robin are the primary hosts, it seems that they take turns in hosting. Robin usually does the new songs on the day and Bob seems to focus on interviewing music personalities to discuss music matters.

They give the listeners the reasons why they should look forward to the album or the song.

Comparing it to other music podcasts that feature new songs and albums, All Songs Considered is not limited to one genre only and the theme is pretty much the same with a radio show.

They play the full song after discussing it with their guest host. The episodes last for less than an hour, so it is brief and not dragging.

Get to know more about the host by following them on Twitter; Robin Hilton @nprobin and Bob Boilen @Bobboilen or visiting them on these links; and

14. Hit Parade (Music History and Music Trivia)

hit parade

There’s some thrill and satisfaction in knowing.

If you thirst for music trivia, Hit Parade (Music History and Music Trivia) is the recommended podcast for you.

Its host, Chris Molanphy, takes his expertise as pop-chart analyst and journalist in making the show pleasingly informative. Chris as the pop chart analyst said that he is working as a writer of “Why Is This Song No.1?” in Slate Magazine – the producer of Hit Parade.

His way of presenting the topics through narrative essay is compelling and accurate. You will get drawn listening to him as you are made to imagine the story being told.

He tells the tales of chart-topping songs, remarkable artists of the industry, and extraordinary events that shaped the music industry.

The likes of Madonna, Miley Cyrus, and most recently a tribute podcast for the late Aretha Franklin to name a few are featured in this podcast.

To get updates with this podcast, follow Chris Molanphy on Twitter (@cmolanphy) and visit his website

15. Déjà vu

deja vu

Déjà vu is one exciting podcast that focuses on the similarities of two artists from the different and distant period.

Déjà vu is an original podcast of Spotify and Genius and is hosted by Stereo Williams.

Williams is a writer, editor, and a known veteran entertainment journalist. Every episode, Williams and his guest music experts discuss the connections of the current music stars to their so-called equivalent iconic star from the past.

Their discussions are in-depth and very informative on a theoretical level. Their comparisons are based on the artists’ personality, musical background and the persona they portray.

Also, they also talk about what sets the artist apart. They make flavorful headlines that will make you want to tune in to them. As such they call Rihanna the black Madonna, Troye Sivan as the Young George Michael and Kendrick Lamar as the new Tupac.

Get to know the host and Déjà vu episode updates straight from Stereo Williams himself on twitter @stereo_williams. Déjà vu playlist is available exclusively on Spotify.

16. And The Writer Is…

And The Writer Is… is a podcast dedicated to the songwriters.

If you are an aspiring songwriter or would like to know the life inside the music industry, then this is your go-to podcast.

And The Writer Is… produced by Joe London and hosted by Ross Golan.  Ross Golan, a known songwriter who writes songs for Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, Nicki Minaj, invites fellow songwriters to the show.

The discussion spins around the musical background of the songwriter up to his experiences in the music industry.

Singer-songwriters such as Nick Jonas and Charlie Puth have graced the show and shared their musical geniuses from the moment they knew they had the talent up to now that they’ve become big stars.

And The Writer Is… is accessible on their website where you can also get to know the host, producer and their movement concerning MMA (Music Modernization Act).

Follow Joe London on Twitter at @JoeLNDN and Ross Golan at @rossgolan to keep posted about their work and this podcast.

17. Soundtracking with Edith


There is no more excellent way of ending the list but saving the best for last.

Soundtracking with Edith is a musical cum interview music podcast as I would best describe it. Soundtracking with Edith is a screen music-based podcast.

Every episode, they invite composers, and directors to the show to talk about their works on films.

The host Edith Bowman, a known broadcaster and writer, created this podcast as inspired by her passion for music and film.

I fell in love with this music podcast for its style. The format of the show is interview-discussion interjected with the soundtrack being discussed.

This podcast makes me appreciate the musical scoring of the movies. I realized that the best films would not be as good as they were without great soundtracks.

The host and the flow of the show are highly commendable. They make the discussion not dragging but will leave you lit and excited at the same time.

I love that they play the soundtracks on the show. You get to listen to them fully and more closely. Whereas watching the film only allows you to hear a snippet of these awesome soundtracks.

Indeed, a very well-produced music podcast to date.

Get updated with Edith Bowman’s work and episodes of Soundtracking with Edith on her website. Soundtracking with Edith is also on Spotify and iTunes.

As you can see, the list is diverse and is based on my personal preferences.

I would like to have a taste of what there is to offer than sticking to the same podcasts serving the same approach and genre.

Though most podcasts are well written and produced, still keep an open mind about the information you heard. The opinion of the host varies on what they believe in and so it may not speak of the general truth.

Therefore, whatever you hear on podcast doesn’t mean that it is 100% true and reliable.

Remember that most of the content of the podcasts are ideas and opinions of the host and its writer.

It is up to the listeners to back up their newly gathered information.

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