best science podcasts

Top 17 Science Podcasts

Did you know that more Americans are aware what a podcast is than who the Vice President is?

Well, this comes as no surprise given the fact that there are more than 550,000 podcast shows worldwide.

To date, there are almost 19 million episodes and counting. With more than half a million active podcast shows it can be difficult to choose which one to listen to.

Let’s start with knowing your field of interest.

Are you interested about science?

Here is the list of the Top 17 science podcasts you should check out.

1. StarTalk


StarTalk is a podcast that talks about science and popular culture.

The show is hosted by astrophysicist named Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Some of us view science topics as something too serious. Others even find themselves dozing off while watching science shows on TV.

But, this podcast is way too different. It’s too informative and too hilarious at the same time.

In fact, Rolling Stone in 2014 included StarTalk in their list of “The 20 Best Comedy Podcasts Right Now.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson loves to talk about sci-fi films and what these movies contain that don’t adhere to the principles of science facts.

One of the episodes features James Cameron whom he interviews about the films Avatar, Alien, Terminator and Titanic. The episode is titled “The Spirit of Exploration, with James Cameron”.

They discuss about Cameron’s enthusiasm for science and how he used this in his box-office hit movies. They also talk about Cameron’s journey down the Marianas Trench, the deepest point on the Earth’s oceans.

The show gets even more interesting and funnier with the inclusion of “Outer Space or Underwater” game.

This is when the host reveals some characteristics of a creature. Then his guests will determine if it’s a creature from underwater or outer space.

With StarTalk, you’d be learning and laughing at the same time!

What a great way to spend your leisure hours.

2. The Story Collider

These are podcasts of personal stories about science or anything with science woven into it. Check out The Story Collider if this is your thing.

Storytellers could be different people from different walks of life. Stories may be told by a doctor, book author, comedian, researcher or a poet.

These are not just ordinary tales of daily living.

The stories here in the Story Collider are full of heart. It could be funny, fascinating or poignant.

It doesn’t take a scientist to be able to relate to each episode. Even if you’re someone who hasn’t used a microscope or a test tube in your life, you’ll enjoy each episode.

No other podcast can connect to the inner sense of an individual better than the Story Collider does.

3. Science for the People

science for the people

Science for the People is a show that explores the link between history, public policy, science and popular culture.

The episodes in this radio show help people gain a better understanding of some of the events in daily life.

It provides information and explanation behind certain books and news. The show also involves critical analysis of some of the issues facing people today.

Science for the People has a lot to offer to its listening audience.

It will certainly satisfy their curiosity and fascination about anything here on earth.

In one episode Carl Zimmer shares some of the mysteries of heredity. The episode is titled, “She Has Her Mother’s Laugh: The Power, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity.”

The host, Bethany Brookshire used to be a real-life scientist. The way she asks questions makes the show even more interesting.

In this episode for instance, she crafts her questions in a way that greatly demystifies the complexity of the topic “genetics and heredity.”

Other hosts of the show include Rachelle Saunders and Desiree Schell.

4. Talk Nerdy

talk nerdy

Talk Nerdy was created and is hosted by award winning journalist Cara Santa Maria.

She shares her conversations with interesting people who also have a wealth of knowledge about interesting things.

Her weekly episodes would have various guests from different fields of science. Every episode is worth listening as it gives the audience a new glimpse on anything worth knowing.

Her guests may range from an environmental journalist, medical entomologist, a famous television host or a best-selling author.

If you haven’t listened to Cara from Talk Nerdy, try listening to at least one episode.

For a good start, listen to the one with Scientific American’s editor named Michael Lemonick.

Their conversation revolves around Michael’s book titled “The Perpetual Now: A story of amnesia, memory, and love.” It’s a story of a woman who suffered from encephalitis.

In this episode, Michael and Cara discusses about how amazing the human brain is. Together they discuss about people whose brain was damaged or injured for some reason, but upon recuperation left many brain experts in awe.

If that sounds interesting, tune in.

5. Invisibilia


The list of top science podcasts wouldn’t be complete without Invisibilia.

It’s hosted by Alix Spiegel and Hanna Rosin who are two awesome award-winning journalists.

If most of the shows talk about things that we see around us, Invisibilia is different.

This podcast helps us understand things that are unseen. You might have already guessed that from the title. Anyway, some of these include human assumptions, perceptions, emotions and beliefs.

Each information presented in the show is based on research.

In an episode titled “What was not Said”, for example, they talk about the importance of love.

Love should not only be proven through action. It should also be expressed verbally.

The story is so genuinely told with the voices of the real persons involved.

How do unseen things impact a person’s life? How do the words you say impact your loved ones?

How about those words that you didn’t say but should’ve been said out loud?

Better check out this podcast.

6. Hidden Brain

hidden brain

Can you talk about serious topics without the need to take yourself too seriously? The answer is a definite YES.

If you’d like to find out how, then check out Hidden Brain.

It’s a podcast where scientists talk about topics that interest them the most.

In addition, each episode has games to “lighten up” the serious atmosphere. Although very analytical in nature, the podcast never becomes boring.

The result would be podcast episodes that are truly engaging.

If you haven’t heard any of the episodes of Hidden Brain, “Watch Your Mouth” is one worth giving a listen.

This podcast episode talks about how the brain learns a certain language and explains how language influences the way we view the world.

With Hidden Brain, you’ll be able to get a good glimpse about the amazing complexities of the human mind.

Thanks to the show’s host, Shankar Vedantam.

7. Brains On!

brains on

Brains On! is hosted and co-produced by Molly Bloom.

What makes this science podcast different from others?

It presents scientific information in a more simplified manner.

The topics are presented and explained in a fun way, too.

Children, not just adults, will find this show very informative. Parents who are looking to spend quality time with their children should consider listening to this podcast with them.

This show not only satisfies every child or adult’s curiosity; it could also be a great way to develop kids’ love for science.

Not to mention the fact that it also helps improve their listening skills.

8. Science Friday

science friday

Science Friday, a science podcast talk show is hosted by award winning journalist Ira Flatow.

The show has been included in the list of most popular iTunes downloads. With more than one million listeners each week, no doubt this podcast deserves attention.

Check out the episode “Who Wrote That Beatles Song?”. In this episode, the guest is Mark Glickman, a statistics lecturer from Harvard University.

So what does the Beatles song have to do with a statistician? Mark used stylometry to determine whether it’s a John Lennon or a Paul McCartney song.

Stylometry is a form of statistical analysis. Mark got into it after learning that John Lennon claimed he was the one who wrote the song “In My Life”.

But, Paul McCartney did not agree with John’s statement.

What makes this episode so interesting? Can you imagine a statistician going over through the octaves and other musical notes?

He did all of this stuff just to figure out who really wrote which song.

Now, that makes one interesting podcast episode.

9. Radiolab


How about listening to a podcast from an award-winning show hosted by two award-winning hosts?

Radiolab won a Peabody Awards for its contribution to the radio industry.

They were largely credited for their abilities to make science easily accessible to their audience.

The result will definitely be an award-winning experience as well for every listener.

The show’s hosts are Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich.

Abumrad used to be a writer and music composer before he started creating the show Radiolab. His co-host, Krulwich, is known for his special knack in explaining complicated science topics with much clarity and enthusiasm.

With Radiolab, you’ll gain a different way of looking at strange things.

Try listening to it and you’ll see.

10. Waking Up

waking up

Waking Up is hosted by philosopher and neuroscientist Sam Harris.

With the countless number of science podcasts flooding the internet, looking for the best can be pretty daunting.

But, Sam Harris’ Waking Up is not just a no-nonsense show. You can definitely rely on it for truthful information.

The show does not accept any advertising offers from any services or products. Sam believes that for his show to be devoid of biased information, it should not endorse any products or services.

This is one of the many philosophies that Sam Harris applies in his podcast show.

The episodes of this show will surely wake you up!

Try for example the episode titled “Freeing the Hostages.” The guest for this episode is Chris Voss, a hostage negotiator for FBI.

In this episode Chris shares some of his experiences with hostage negotiations.

He also shares some lessons about the art of negotiating and its importance in people’s lives.

11. Quirks and Quarks

quirks and quarks

Quirks and Quarks have been in the radio waves since October 8, 1975.

It started out as purely a science news program on CBC Radio One.

In 2005, the show became the first major show from Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to be available in podcast form.

Today the show is hosted by Bob McDonald who makes conversations with scientists from different parts of the world. The show focuses on topics about science, medicine, environment and technology.

If you’re in for some serious listening about any stuff related to science, this podcast show will be worth your time. What it lacks in humor and fun that are present in other podcast shows, it makes up for in substance.

When it comes to content and reliability of sources, this show is a champion.

12. The Titanium Physicists

the titanium physicists

The Titanium Physicists is a show anchored on the belief that anyone has the capability to understand physics.

So, topics like nuclear magnetic resonance, falling meteors and moonquakes can easily be understood.

Everything is thoroughly explained that even the non-physicist guest and listener can get a good grasp of each episode.

The show is hosted by Dr. Ben Tippett, a mathematician and theoretical physicist.

Do you want to know the difference between a glass and a crystal? What makes a glass, glassy? Or do you want to know more about what it’s like to be in Mars?

All about these and more can be heard on this podcast.

13. Living Planet

living planet

The show has garnered top awards for environmental programming.

It is a weekly 30-minute podcast about nature and any other stories concerning the environment.

Living Planet is a podcast that gives listeners a view on how the Earth that we live in and everything that we do impact each other.

Hosts Charlotta Lomas and Irene Quaile will take you anywhere around the world. They’ll update you with the most crucial things affecting the environment.

Every crucial information is relayed to the listeners in a very objective and truthful manner.

Unlike many podcasts, this show is not presented in a conversational manner.

But everything is relayed in a more formal, journalistic, and reporting-style format.

The show is devoid of any nonsense jokes and unnecessary ad libs.

All pure eye-opening information delivered in thirty minutes.

14. The Naked Scientists

the naked scientists

The Naked Scientists is a show broadcasted as part of BBC, located in East of England.

The program was founded by Chris Smith, a consultant virologist from Cambridge University.

The show talks about the latest in scientific breakthroughs by interviewing world’s top-notch scientists.

If you want to treat yourself for an hour of interesting science news, check out this podcast.

The show does not only appeal to science enthusiasts, but also to fans of the classy British accent – like me! That’s one of the reasons I got hooked, to be honest.

For starters, it would be great to listen to the episode “Music Science: from Mozart to Marketing”.

In this episode you’ll find out how listening to classical music can indeed help you become smarter.

15. Big Picture Science

big picture science

Big Picture Science not only airs episodes with the sole purpose of giving information.

The people behind Big Picture Science aim to convey why science knowledge matters to us in our everyday lives.

It addresses the “so what?” aspect of relaying recent updates in science.

All episodes are also geared at enabling their listeners to develop critical thinking. The show helps listeners sort out the difference between science and pseudoscience.

If you haven’t tried listening to it, try “Plan of a Hack” episode. It’s a story about the original hackers in a time when computers, smartphones and other digital information were non-existent or not yet fully available.

So what’s there to hack? Listen to this podcast episode and you’ll find out.

The show’s hosts are Seth Shostak  and Molly Bentley.

16. Gastropod


Gastropod is a podcast that talks about everything food.

If it’s all about food, then why is the show called Gastropod?

Scientifically speaking, it refers to a class of molluscs, right?

Well, the name is derived from combining two words that are unrelated. But for the show’s sake, have become two related things.

The word “gastro” refers to Gastronomy which is the art of eating and cooking good food, and which also refers to the study of food and culture.

And obviously, the word “pod” is derived from, yes, you guessed it right- “podcast”.

So, if the name itself is enough to pique your curiosity, try listening to their episodes.

Gastropod hosts take their listeners to a journey of food and the hidden history behind it. With this podcast, you’ll never be able to look at food the same way again.

The founders of this show are Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley.

17. Science Vs.

science vs

Science Vs. is a podcast which is pretty much like an antidote to the daily barrage of information nowadays.

The increasing accessibility of information has made filtering through the facts and myths a truly challenging task.

Luckily, there is Science Vs. which is a podcast that does the work of delving into the facts. The result would be a show that lets audience easily differentiate truth from hearsay.

The hosts do a great job in presenting factual information in a very engaging manner. The host Wendy Zukerman guarantees that every minute spent on listening to her podcast is a time well-spent.

Check out the episode “Ghosts,” if you want to listen to something paranormal. Or if you’re curious about how our brains function when we fall in love, listen to “True Love.

See? All these interesting episodes are yours only at Science Vs.

Now that you’ve got your list of the top 17 science podcasts, prepare yourself to be on binge listening mode.

best tech podcasts

Top 17 Tech Podcasts

Now more than ever, it’s acceptable to be a tech geek.

It’s preferable, really. Being proficient with the latest gadgets and software will give you the edge both at work and in day-to-day tasks.

In order for my relatives to stop saying “Get off that computer” and for me to earn the title “The Computer Gal” among them, I had to do more than just play Warcraft III all day.

Modern technology is evolving at an exponential rate. There’s no way of keeping up with it without regularly absorbing new information.

So, why not turn the weekday commute into time well spent by listening to a tech podcast?

Without further ado, here are the 17 tech podcasts that will make every geek’s CPU turbo boost. They’re not listed in any particular order, so give them each a test listen.

1. The WAN Show

the wan show

Let’s start with the obvious one.

The WAN (Weekly Analysis & News) Show is mainly hosted by Linus Sebastian and Luke Lafreniere, and occasionally, a couple of other tech guys. Linus’ YouTube channel is arguably the most popular tech channel on the platform.

Every week, the duo gives their listeners insight into the latest news from the IT industry.

They’re not afraid to speak their mind, and they never hesitate to discuss sensitive topics.

For example, Linus Sebastian himself is known to question Apple’s design philosophy. He accepts nothing less than perfection from any product that he’s reviewing.

It’s a straightforward tech podcast with entertaining hosts and many, many inside jokes.

Linus Tech Tips YT:

2. Reply All

reply all

Reply All is a tech podcast about the Internet. More precisely, about how people shape the Internet and how the Internet shapes people.

On occasions, the hosts, PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, help their listeners solve unusual tech-related problems.

But don’t expect only high-level tech lingo on this podcast. As one of the reviewers noticed – Reply All is a podcast that tells gorgeous, painfully human stories that happen to have bits of technology sprinkled in.

This awarded tech podcast airs weekly, and it’s available on many platforms.

Also, it’s extremely well produced, and the episodes last anywhere from 25 to 60 minutes.

3. WSJ Tech News Briefing

wsj tech news briefing

The WSJ Tech News is a tech podcast ideal for those who are short on time.

In less than 10 minutes, it informs the listener only about the major ongoing events. And there’s a new episode almost every day.

As you’d expect from a company such as The Wall Street Journal, it’s a very professional podcast.

The economy and politics are usually intertwined with the tech news covered.

Additionally, the host usually calls in an expert to give their two cents on the main topic of discussion.

4. Mac Power Users

mac power users

Personally, I’ve never owned an Apple device. I’m too used to the flexibility of Windows machines to make the transition.

However, there are plenty of people that swear by their iPhones and MacBooks.

So, those who pity the peasants that still use headphone jacks should get a kick out of Mac Power Users.

In this tech podcast, Katie Floyd and David Sparks teach Apple users how to get the most out of their devices.

Every Sunday, the hosts discuss the new features, devices, and events related to Apple.

At times, a guest joins the show to talk about how the company’s products affected their career and personal life.

Update: As of November 26, 2018, Katie Floyd has left the podcast and Stephen Hackett has stepped in to fill her shoes.

5. This Week in Google

this week in google

The hosts of This Week in Google are some extremely busy people. They must be.

Every Wednesday, they release a new 2-hour episode. Whoever had to do even a 30-minute presentation at work knows how much effort a show like that can take.

In this tech podcast, Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham and their guests discuss the latest Google and cloud computing news.

And they really take their time doing that. I’ve never seen podcast hosts be that thorough.

Undoubtedly worth the respect.

6. Accidental Tech Podcast

accidental tech podcast

Accidental Tech Podcast was created, as anyone could’ve guessed, by accident.

It was originally intended to be a car show.

The hosts Marco Arment, Casey Liss and John Siracusa never miss a chance to tell a fantastic joke. Or, more often, a cringy one.

Each host gives off friendly vibes, which makes this show easy to get into.

Also, Accidental Tech Podcast provides follow-up links for each episode on their website.

7. The Vergecast

the vergecast

Many people consider The Vergecast to be the tech podcast.

And that’s no surprise – the first episode aired way back in 2011.

Since then, the hosts have become very comfortable behind the mics. And it shows.

Listening to Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn is basically listening to a couple of buddies talk. The hosts are obviously comfortable with each another.

On average, they find something to laugh about every minute. Yes, I did the math (roughly).

Still, that doesn’t mean that they offer no content.

Those guys really know their stuff and are definitely worth a listen.

8. Analog(ue)


Analog(ue) describes itself as a show about how digital devices change our lives for the better, but also for the worse.

The motto of the show is “there’s space between zero and one.” That’s the geek’s version of “not everything is black and white.”

The show is obviously supposed to air every two weeks, but apparently, it’s not a strict schedule.

Luckily, Myke Hurley and Casey Liss have done 138 episodes so far. I can listen to them while waiting for a new one.

9. Rocket

On Rocket, three ladies have what they call an accelerated geek conversation.

Christina Warren, Brianna Wu, and Simone De Rochefort discuss tech and much more.

About two years ago, Brianna Wu contributed to the writing of a book by Tarah Wheeler – Women in Tech.

In case anyone is wondering at this point, this is not a show aimed at women exclusively.

The ladies have a brilliant sense of humor, and they do an amazing job of hosting the show.

They deserve every bit of attention.

10. This is Only a Test

this is only a test

No, that’s not a placeholder heading. It’s the name of a podcast on

For those who aren’t familiar with that website, it’s a project by Adam Savage.

Adam being perpetually animated on camera made me fall in love with the original MythBusters series. Because of that, this tech podcast has a special place in my heart.

The hosts of This is Only a Test are Norman Chan, Jeremy Williams and Will Smith (not the one who saved the USA from aliens).

They don’t always discuss the latest Nvidia GPU or the ups and downs of the Model 3 development.

They are, however, geeks at heart and whatever the topic may be, they talk about it from a tech guy’s perspective.

11. Future Tense

future tense

Future Tense is a tech podcast by ABC Radio National, an Australian radio network.

Like the WSJ Tech News Briefing, it’s produced very professionally.

The half-hour episodes sound almost like a radio documentary.

The episodes air precisely 7 days apart, and the host and guest experts take a critical look at new technologies and events.

And, once again, the show often takes into consideration their political aspects.

12. TechStuff


In TechStuff, Jonathan Strickland explores the people and companies behind the technology.

Since 2008, this tech podcast gradually evolved from a brief 6-minute chat to a full 40-minute show.

What I found interesting is the fact that the host usually does the show on his own. It’s hard to keep an episode alive and dynamic when there’s no one to (verbally) bounce off of.

Despite that, Jonathan pulls it off every time.

TechStuff is perfect for people who prefer a less noisy atmosphere on the other side of the speakers.

13. If Then

if then

If Then is a weekly tech podcast by Slate Magazine, hosted by April Glaser and Will Oremus.

They delve deep into the ideologies, incentives, and biases that underlie modern technology.

Created in November 2017, it’s a fairly new podcast. But, as it’s produced by a renowned online magazine, it’s very well executed from the very first episode.

April and Will know both what they’re talking about and how to talk about it.

14. Download This Show

download this show

And download it I shall!

It’s awesome! Never before have I wondered if a delivery drone could decapitate a dog.

Thank you, Marc Fennell, for bringing such important matter to my attention.

Download This Show is another tech podcast by ABC Radio National.

But this one is not that formal. Not even remotely.

Each week Marc, the host, and his guests take an interesting approach to analyzing the latest tech.

15. Exponent


Exponent is a brainchild of Ben Thompson.

In the show, Ben and his co-host, James Allworth explore modern technology’s impact on businesses and society.

The tone of the podcast is a bit on the serious side, but it’s easy to absorb.

It’s a must-listen for anyone employed in a tech company, especially for people interested in management and entrepreneurship.

Right now, the duo is taking a post-season break, and new episodes are scheduled to air in the fall.

16. 99% Invisible

99% invisible

In short, this podcast is something different.

99% Invisible was created by Roman Mars in 2010.

His expertise in producing and hosting radio shows is evident in every second of the show.

Furthermore, 99% Invisible is unique in the way it presents the content.

And it all starts with one major question. What’s the origin of fortune cookies, for example? Or, why did Freud opt for a couch over an armchair?

The main concept behind 99% Invisible is taking a deep look into the things that would otherwise go unnoticed.

So, those of insatiable curiosity should absolutely add this podcast to their playlist.

17. Innovation Now

innovation now

Each weekday, Innovation Now takes 90 seconds to bring us the news about the ideas that shape our future.

And that’s it. Not much else to say, really.

It’s produced through a collaboration with NASA, as a male voice keeps reminding me at the end of every episode.

I guess that’s interesting.

best road trips podcasts

7 Best Podcasts for Road Trips

Who doesn’t love road trips?

Whether with family or friends, it’s a great way to unwind and relax. Everyone needs that break from the drudgery of everyday life.

It is an exciting time and a most-needed chance for a change of environment.

Now, you’ve exhausted the playlists on your phone, and everyone’s not really in the mood for music or talking. Before attempting an awkward ice-breaker, put on an exciting podcast and grab everyone’s attention!

Most people like listening to music.

Well, I do. Everyone knows a particular song, and they sing together or nod along with the beat.

But when you play an exciting podcast, besides intriguing most people, you educate and invite interaction.  Even a 15-minute podcast on your road trip could give you more than you know- a new insight, an idea, laughs, tears, and maybe even shivers.

And if you’re driving solo, listening to a great host’s dulcet tones could make you feel less lonely.

Laugh, agree, disagree, get sentimental, or quietly wonder. There’s a whole list of podcasts waiting for you to check out on your next road trip!

Here are my favorites! (In no particular order and depending on my mood or the company that I’ve got)

1. A Thousand Things to Talk About

a thousand things to talk about

I know, right? The first time I listened to one of her episodes, the intro music reminded me of Plant vs. Zombies, too!

But I swear the topics are not nearly as bizarre as zombies. The discussions are so easily relatable to everyone.

This brief and straightforward two-to-three-minute podcast is great for all types of listeners.

It’s perfect because it answers seemingly simple everyday questions anyone would ask. The talented host, Andrea Parrish, comes up with very interesting comments and facts you wouldn’t have thought of.

There’d be topics like “stupid jokes” and then she starts talking about how groaning at “Dad jokes” is about as satisfying as a good laugh. Wow, I hadn’t thought of it that way but it’s true.

There are over 500 different episodes and topics to choose from and you could easily skim through 10 episodes in less than an hour. Nice.

Andrea’s rich and fruity voice will keep you listening on and on.

Oddly, her manner of speaking reminds me (again) of Ms. Perky (Allison Janney) in 10 Things I Hate About You. Whatever, you should see that old-but-gold movie.

And since I’ve already deviated from the topic, seriously, check it out for yourself and tell me my ears are lying.

2. 60-Second Science (Scientific American)

60-second science

You don’t have to be a geek to love a little bit of science trivia every now and then.

In elementary school, we were taught that science is everywhere and in everything. Science is generally a fascinating subject, especially if you’re listening to Christopher Intagliata.

Chris is one of the hosts for 60-Second Science podcast, along with Karen Hopkin, Jason G. Goldman, and Steve Mirsky, to mention a few.  He’s the senior producer of Science Friday and was a 2015 Woods Hole Ocean Science Journalism fellow, an opportunity given to professionals in the field of science productions.

I didn’t even have to see his face – I instantly, irrevocably, fell for his voice!

Man, that smart science guy with a beautiful voice would be all you want to listen to all day. I certainly would.

I just got dreamy-eyed listening to him to talk about tooth tartar!

That’s easily why 60-Second Science makes it on my list of best podcasts for road trips.

So what are you waiting for? Get your quick one-minute dose of science on your next road trip with Chris on 60-Second Science.

Or visit the main page, Scientific American and select Science Talk if you prefer lengthier 10-40 minute audio clips.

Topics included are Health, Mind, Sustainability, Tech and The Sciences.

You’d also have the option of downloading the talks on MP3 format for free right from the site itself.

So if you’re not sure about internet access on the road, best to download it before the trip.

3. Lovett or Leave It

lovett or leave it

According to Charlie Chaplin, “A day without a laugh is a day wasted.”

Well, the same could be said about road trips. What better way to start a long drive than with lots of ha-has!

There’s no question that laughter is good for the soul, and for the body, and for everyone!

Podcaster Jon Lovett, a former political speechwriter-turned-comedian will keep you laughing along with his live audience.

Jon’s experience at the White House as Obama’s former speechwriter gives him a clear understanding about what goes around in politics. This also makes it almost natural for him to unapologetically rag and poke fun at personalities who make the headlines.

The satire goes on for about an hour and you’ll get to hear participation from other comedians, journalists or actors on the panel show.

There’s so much variety in the episodes – games, funny impressions, audience participation, and dramatic readings.

If you’re on a long trip, an hour could go by in a jiffy just listening to this hilarious recording.  He could get ruthless so it’s kind of like a guilty pleasure you’d want to indulge in.

A quick bit about the host: Did you know that Jon Lovett allegedly officiated the first same-sex marriage in the White House in secret?

That, too, against the Obama administration policy at that time. Now that takes guts!

4. Home of the Brave

home of the brave

I don’t know about you, but I feel that there’s something about real stories, especially those captured raw that makes me lose myself in the moment.

It makes me very sentimental.

Just like this segment from Home of the Brave where the host, Scott Carrier, teaches his five-year-old boy a skiing lesson, and at the same time imparting a valuable life lesson.

Feel like listening to something inspiring or soul-stirring on a nature drive?

Leave it to Scott Carrier to “carry” you on a heart-warming journey.

This particular episode starts with an introduction where Scott talks about the weather in Salt Lake City, where he lives, and then replays a recording taken way back in the winter of 1992.

It was a real conversation between father and son and is so precious in many ways. It starts with his son innocently asking him about skiing straight down.

He could have answered him with a direct yes or no. But I love how Scott engaged his boy with a story instead. It worked so well.

So he tells him about a guy refusing to make turns while skiing who ended up boring a hole and getting buried deep into the snow until nobody could find him.

Then Scott goes on to tell his kid about turns representing control and associating gravity with love. It was such a beautiful conversation.

The Peabody award winner has a way that touches a chord through his original storytelling. His soft and charming wobbly voice adds a hue of emotion to his narratives that captivates the soul.

If you’d like a touchy-feely podcast on a quiet trip, check it out.

5. The Magnus Archives

the magnus archives

Are you in for a thrilling adventure on the road?

It might be one you’d enjoy and remember the most.

Studies show that some people enjoy getting a scare every once in a while. So if you love that dopamine kick that gets you high, wouldn’t it be fun to share it with a group who enjoys the same?

Based in Chelsea, London, The Magnus Institute is a 19th-century organization founded by Jonah Magnus. This means they’ve been around for quite a while now.

This institute is committed to researching or gathering accounts related to the esoteric and the supernatural.

This horror fiction podcast, The Magnus Archives, dramatizes the stories.

And if Jonathan Sims’ voice doesn’t sound dark enough, watch out for the sinister background music that’s sure to send chills down your spine.

Some basic precautions before attempting to put this on your car stereo:

  1. Don’t dare if you don’t enjoy the chills.
  2. Read the content warnings on the podcast before playing.
  3. And of course, drive safely and try not to hit a tree and get stranded somewhere in the middle of the night. (You know those things don’t always end well.)

Otherwise, see how dauntless you are and put on this eerie podcast on your road trip with your thrill-seeking fellas.

Fasten your seatbelts, maybe grab a popcorn, and enjoy the ride!

6. TED Talks Daily

TED talks daily

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard of TED Talks.

Known for its slogan, “ideas worth sharing” this media organization’s focus was primarily on technology, entertainment and design, thus the acronym, TED.

But TED has gone a long way since its conceptualization in 1984, now having talks covering a wide range of subjects, from AI developments to cultural topics.

To date, there are over 2,500 TED Talks available and more are added to the list daily.

How convenient it must be to get access to these fresh ideas on the go?

Different accomplished personalities from different parts of the world, sharing their most brilliant ideas that authored their respective successes.

And they’re handing these ideas out to you for free! That too, in no more than 18 minutes.

That’s just awesome.

So while on a solo drive or on the road with just about anyone, get TED Talks Daily on.

Instead of listening to the same song you’ve already memorized, why not play something new and enriching?

Music is great and powerful, but so is knowledge. Pay a little more attention to the latter and ask yourself, “Did I learn anything new today?”

With TED Talks Daily, you’d surely have an answer.

7. One Bizarre Podcast

one bizarre podcast

Imagine, it’s late afternoon and you’ve been on this long monotonous ride for hours.

Everyone in the car is either sleeping or dozing off. You’re just watching out for one more spectacle through the car window before thinking to join them in slumber, as the endless landscapes along the road have started to look dull and uninteresting.

You get your moment and before you know it, it’s over just like that.

The sunset is gone in but a matter of minutes and the world around you turns dark and dull once more.

You struggle at the thought that you’d still have to go on like this for an hour more or so. This was not the kind of road trip that you had in mind, but everyone’s all beat up and snoring.

You can’t sleep either, because your mind is restless surrounded by this deafening quietness.

I just painted you a scene as poetically as I can, but that place is actually bad and I’ve been there.

You feel like you’re about to go crazy with boredom and you feel helpless, shifting in your seat every two seconds.

Well if you must go crazy, One Bizarre Podcast is there to the rescue – that is, to indulge you. Plug those earphones in and listen to things as bizarre as they get.

Hosts Kaity Heart and Blaquie O talk about random stuff such as megalodons, spirit photography, ouija boards, and zombies, not lacking in sense of humor and laughs, of course. I swear you’ll hear Kaity laughing 80% of the time!

So if crazy stuff makes you tick, you’ve found your niche.

Set your restless, weird mind free and join the madness.

Road trips should be a great experience – fun and memorable, something to look forward to.

All it takes is to have the right elements ready: the right mood, the right people (if with company), and of course, the right podcast for everyone to enjoy and relate to.

And as difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations, carefully picked podcasts make for a wonderful road trip. Does that even make sense?

Anyway, curate your own list of best podcasts for road trips.

I’ve shared mine. What’s yours?

best podcasts for running

17 Best Podcasts for Running

Whether you’ve just been bitten by the running bug or doing it for a while now, you know running could be boring sometimes.

Let’s get real. It gets harder to keep going after some time.

What you need is either a good distraction to keep your mind off the miles, or something motivational to give you that extra push.

Nothing like a great podcast to keep you occupied on your next run.

Here are 17 top choices:

1. My Dad Wrote a Porno

my dad wrote a porno podcast

There’s nowhere that a good laugh isn’t welcome – even on the tracks.

Unless you mind cracking up while doing long training runs, this will liven up your sessions and make the miles fly by.

With over 100 million downloads as of February this year, My Dad Wrote a Porno is inarguably one of the best comedy podcasts ever.

Hosted by Jamie Morton, he reads chapters from an erotic fiction novel entitled Belinda Blinked, which is supposedly authored by his father. The thought alone is amusingly cringeworthy.

Co-hosts James Cooper and Alice Levine add to the fun with their hilarious ad-libs and naughty comments.

It’s as adult as it gets.

2. The Guilty Feminist

the guilty feminist

This is another funny podcast to brighten up your time at the oval.

Main host Deborah Frances-White, along with other guest co-hosts talk about modern feminism in a rather humorous tone.

Each episode of the podcast begins with “I am a feminist but…” followed by hosts admitting instances when they’ve behaved in ways contrary to the ideals of feminism.

The witty statements often elicit laughter from the live audience.

The show reveals ironies, hypocrisies, and insecurities of “guilty feminists” in a funnily relatable way.

There was one good episode where Deborah asks a guy from the audience his name. As soon as he answers, “Jamie,” she opens the show with, “Jamie, I’m a feminist but… could you open my water for me?”

Don’t miss: Episode 61. Orgasms with Alix Fox

3. Marathon Training Academy

marathon training academy

“Empowering you to run a marathon and change your life.”

Angie and Trevor Spencer are the people behind this motivational podcast. The couple are marathoners – well, that’s after Angie influenced her tech guy husband to ditch the couch.

Together, they put up this podcast and share everyday experiences and actionable training knowledge to runners and aspiring marathoners all over the world.

Feeling a little bit upset about your PR?

Let these trainers help you reach your running goals.

Angie and Trevor believe that anyone can run a marathon. Benefit from their practical coaching and make your runs a little bit less dull.

4. Run, Selfie, Repeat

run selfie repeat

Listening to her feels like listening to a good friend.

Blogger/podcaster Kelly Roberts is probably one of the most genuine and optimistic hosts ever. That’s why I find it very easy to connect with her.

She talks about life with a side of running” in a very candid and spontaneous way.

So if you feel like running while listening to a chatty friend speak her mind, she’s a great company.

Episodes could last for 12-50 minutes, depending on how engrossed she is in the topic, I guess.

Being an advocate for body positivity and a healthy lifestyle, she says, “Strength doesn’t look a certain way, it feels a certain way.”

5. The Runner’s World Podcast 

the runner’s world podcast 

As the name implies, it’s everything new in the world of running.

Hear about the latest news, issues, related products, publications and personalities in the field of running every month.

If you like getting updated about running while on your long run, this one’s for you.

Hosts Rick Pearson and Ben Hobson, and their invited guests will fill you in on the stories you might have missed lately.

6. 300 Pounds and Running

300 pounds and running

Feeling a bit heavy and needing some motivation to start running?

Join Martinus Evans, a plus-size athlete as he hosts this podcast. Martinus interviews other athletes about their journey from their old sedentary lives to an active lifestyle, and the challenges in between.

Get real inspiration as you start or struggle in your journey to fitness.

This is good, serious stuff to help you do that first step or nudge you to go that extra lap.

7. Comedify

If you haven’t had enough fun on your runs lately, 5,468 tracks of pure comedy should be enough to satisfy your ha-ha needs. You can sort it by year (when the albums were produced) or by artist.

A plethora of funny clips from Adam Sandler to Joe Rogan, and albums from the 60’s to the latest ones.

Before you know it, you’ve covered your mileage just like that.

True, running while splitting your sides might not prove efficient but it surely will make you have a great time. And as always, time flies while you’re having fun.

So don’t hesitate to incorporate a good laugh with your running routines. It’s also a great abs exercise anyway.

Listen to the full albums on Spotify.


8. U Up?

 u up

Are you up for the hottest modern dating podcast? Then U Up? it is!

With one episode having been played almost 70,000 times in less than a month, this podcast has a good following. That number is on SoundCloud alone.

Jordana Abraham and Jared Freid will get you hooked every single time.

Relationships and dating are always hot topics – from toxic relationships, to trendy hook up apps, to something as petty as stalking.

Funny and entertaining, an hour will go by unnoticed as you sweat it out.

9. Alice Isn’t Dead

alice isn’t dead

If you’ve loved Welcome to Night Vale, there’s no reason for you not to enjoy Alice Isn’t Dead.

Welcome to Night Vale was the brainchild of Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor in 2012. And in 2016, Fink’s long travels in vans for the previous show inspired him to create Alice Isn’t Dead.

Fans everywhere can’t get enough of this that a novel had to be released.

This serial thriller podcast is about a truck driver in search for her long assumed dead wife. On the road, she meets eerie characters that will give you the chills.

Care for a scare? You’d be surprised how fast you could run!

Get your heart pounding as hard as you pound the pavement.

Tip: Best played on a late night jog.

10. The Ginger Runner

the ginger runner

Comedian / actor / runner / designer / the Ginger Runner himself, rolled into one – that’s Ethan Newberry, your awesome host.

Ethan gets the “extraordinaires,” as he calls them, in the fields of running, training, adventure and also beer.

If you’re looking to get more about this stuff on your runs, he’ll fill you in with the best. Or, you could just be a fan wanting to know what cool stuff he’s up to.

There’s always something good going on weekly on this guy’s podcast. Don’t miss it!

11. Radiolab


Radiolab is an all-time favorite of mine, whether for treadmills or long runs.

Topics about science and philosophy are creatively presented into light-hearted stories. The sound-effects alone could take you away.

Hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich hit it off naturally, being real-life friends.

One of the most striking episodes for me was Dark Side of the Earth, where both interview a real astronaut, Dave Wolf.

He tells about his “darkest” experience up in space, which you could clearly see  in your mind as you listen.

It’s fascinating how they present stories like this and give you such an immersive experience.

It felt so real – like I was really up in space, like I zoned out for a while.

Other stories have topics like sex education, gender issues, morality and issues about free speech in social media. An interesting podcast to run to no matter what you’re doing.

12. Snap Judgment

 snap judgment

Host Glynn Washington incorporates pleasing beats with superb storytelling by different people.

It’s almost like listening to rap music at the beginning. And these are real stories, and real people.

It’s great if you can’t decide whether you want to listen to a podcast or put on some music.

Well, now you can do both at the same time! Allow the narrative to entertain you as you conveniently sync your steps to the beat.

One compelling episode for me is the story of Charles Monroe-Kane, author of Lithium Jesus.

He talks about his journey as a faith healer while he struggles with schizophrenia. The Faith Healer is a part of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy episode of the podcast.

13. How Did This Get Made?

how did this get made

It’s hard to miss this podcast if one of your guilty pleasures is criticizing movies.

My friends always tell me that I ruin everyone’s movie experience. Like when we’re in the theater and I start commenting and whispering in a friend’s ear 15 minutes into the movie. I know it’s an annoying habit.

But it’s hard not to notice how that girl’s white shirt never gets dirty, despite being kidnapped and getting dragged around the jungle, isn’t it?

If you think that’s fun too, then tune in to this podcast. Bring in some fun to your run!

Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas definitely have a lot to say about bad movies.

And it’s definitely entertaining when people make fun of something in a very graphic way.

If you watch out for bad movies because they’re so ridiculous they make you giggle, you’re not alone.

Best comment on the movie Beastly that cracked me up: “I am watching him with open wounds all over his body that I just wanna be like, ‘Can’t someone put some Bacitracin on this?’ “ I died.

14. The Morning Shakeout

the morning shakeout

This is perfect for your morning runs if you’re serious about setting your mind and mood to it.

The Morning Shakeout gets up close and personal with the pros in the sport of running.

Mario Fraioli draws insight and valuable lessons from experiences of personalities in the field – from coaches, to marathoners, to elite athletes.

Listen to stories of failure and redemption from top runners.

You’ve heard that success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. Well, this might be your 1% that will make that other 99% come easier for you.

15. Running Commentary

running commentary

People have crazy ideas.

Who, in their right minds would do a podcast, while actually running and panting like drained hounds?

Comedians Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering did! Crazy is not such a bad idea after all.

Join these two on their runs as they talk to you – in short breaths – about running, life in general, their experiences, and everything else under the sun!

It amazes me how they manage to run and keep talking throughout the whole episode, really.

It’s also comforting to not be the only one out of breath while doing runs.

16. Real Talk Radio

real talk radio

It’s definitely the honest conversations you need to hear about what it means to be human.

Real Talk Radio touches on relevant topics such as love, sex, friendship, work and racism, to mention a few.

Nicole Antoinette is all about fearless statements, no sugarcoating and no ads. Yes, you read that right – NO ADS.

This podcast is run solely by people and listeners who pledge and give support for its operation.

Real Talk Radio empowers listeners with unfiltered truth coming from all kinds of people – parents, artists, activists, entrepreneurs, coaches, athletes, and many more.

I love how each intro highlights the points expressed by that particular episode’s guest.

It’s definitely the podcast if you want real stuff to shift your thoughts to while you train.

17. Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll

One of the main reasons you might have for running is for fitness. And this guy has a lot to say about it.

Rich Roll is a vegan ultra-endurance athlete.

He’s run 40 miles and swum six miles for the Otillo Swimrun World Championship in Sweden. He’s also a #1 bestselling author of Finding Ultra and The Plantpower Way.

He talks to a variety of people – from nutritionists to coaches – on topics such as healthy and sustainable lifestyle, vegan diet, yoga, meditation, and everything about fitness and clean living.

He hasn’t always been vegan and that’s another story.

But the point is the guy never looked back and is in great shape at 52.

One episode that runners can’t miss is Sanjay Rawal on Running as a Spiritual Practice. Check it out here:

Whether you’re doing long or short runs, a podcast is a fine thing to keep handy.

If you’re the type who wants to put your mind to whatever you’re doing and need some tips or motivation about running, that’s great.

Or if running feels like a drag and you want to lose yourself in a topic that’s not at all related to running, that’s cool too.

Just get into those running shoes and make it happen.


best history podcasts

Top 17 History Podcasts

For all history lovers out there, here are my top history podcasts.

1. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

dan carlin’s hardcore history

Carlin’s podcast is pretty different from the tedious lessons you might have received back in high school history class.

Just like the name suggests Carlin approaches historical narratives in a way that is incredibly foreign to most history teachers.

But it’s just the type of podcast the majority of history lovers can’t wait to get a hold of.

Carlin approaches major topics through world history. He also likes to analyze the most dramatic events in history.

Carlin is bound to tell you things regarding these events that were left out of your high school history lesson.

New episodes come out every four to seven months. Hardcore history boasts millions of downloads per episode and has received multiple awards and nominations.

Slate Magazine even ranked Dan Carlin’s 2009 episode Ghosts of the Ostfront as the fifth best podcast of all time.

2. Stuff You Missed in History Class

stuff you missed in history class

Stuff You Missed in History Class is a great podcast delivered by the HowStuffWorks team.

But do not let the fact that this podcast is an offshoot fool you.

Hosted by history enthusiasts Tracy and Holly, this podcast offers an unconventional standpoint of looking at things.

Through the lens of history, they see how it affects and influences today’s world issues. The stories they tell tend to be outrageous stories and anecdotes history lovers might not have noticed.

Thanks to Holly and Tracy and the HowStuffWorks team, we’re offered a second look at history in ways we didn’t even know existed.

3. Library Talks

new york public library podcast

Library Talks podcast makes it on the list because of its outstanding take on the cultural history of the United States along with the stories and the influences behind it.

Brought to you by the New York Public Library, the podcast engages listeners by calling in America’s most brilliant thinkers, writers, and artists.

With this podcast, you get to see cultural history in the making as it takes form in the present.

Commonly called the cultural capital of the world, this library hosts 55,000 programs annually.

The discussions take the very much alive study of American cultural history and put it into the common talk for you to hear.

4. History on Fire

history on fire

This podcast is connected to one that was mentioned earlier on this list. History on Fire was inspired by Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History.

History lovers tune into History on Fire because it has an unusual take uncommon in other podcasts; in fact, you don’t even have to be a history lover to enjoy it!

It explores common and underlying values of great people in civilization over time. Things like bravery and passion are themes explored in History on Fire, brought to you through historical figures such as Spartacus and Theodore Roosevelt.

What makes this podcast so enjoyable and different is that it pays due to some of the most intense moments ever experienced.

Created by the author and history professor Daniele Bolelli, History on Fire takes you on a journey into the underlying motivations and emotions of historical events.

5. Revisionist History

revisionist history

Created by Author of five New York Times bestsellers, Malcolm Gladwell, Revisionist History goes back to interpret different things from the past in a brand new way.

The subject matter isn’t limited; sometimes it might be an idea, person or event. The selection of subject matter, however, is usually something we tend to overlook in history.

Fortunately for us, Gladwell is here to offer a fresh perspective on how we look at the world.

Next to the five bestsellers- The Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers, What the Dog Saw, and David and Goliath, Gladwell has also been noted as one of the 100 most influential people by Time magazine and one of the Foreign Policy Top Global Thinkers.

In his podcast, Gladwell explores the world through time, changing the way we look at the places around us.

After all, history is full of things that have been forgotten and ignored.

6. ArtCurious


ArtCurious is a podcast that narrows down its subject matter to – yes, you guessed it – art!

This podcast explores the historical aspect of famous painters, works of art, and styles.

Hosted by Jennifer Dasal, ArtCurious looks at the exciting and unexpected parts of art and its curious relationship with history.

Did Van Gogh commit suicide? How did the rivalry between Michelangelo and Raphael change the course of art by creating one of the best works of the Renaissance?

ArtCurious is all about stories that bring to light parts of art that you might not have noticed before.

This podcast works excellently for history and art lovers alike.

7. Our Fake History

our fake history

One frequent issue with history is separating truth from lie, fact from fiction.

Thankfully Our Fake History host Sebastian Major does just that – addressing sides of history as they came along to reveal the truth behind them.

An important theme that reoccurs in Our Fake History has a lot to do with myth and its relation with history. Perhaps some parts we thought of as myth is, in fact, real and vice versa.

The line is blurry and Sebastian Major assists us in fixing our eyesight.

The podcast has a somewhat humorous approach along with storytelling making it a fantastic choice for both history lovers and anyone who likes a good story.

Intertwining myth and history and exploring its edges, Our Fake History draw in listeners with episodes such as “Did Robert Johnson Sell His Soul to the Devil?”

8. Lore


Lore takes on a critical but often overlooked part of history.

It’s all about the things that go bump in the night.

Lore turns its intentions to the elements of history that are buried deep within the folklore of countries throughout the globe.

Folklore is an exciting part of history, and how we as humans react to it is no less compelling. This is what Lore explores, combining storytelling with folklore and traditional history.

Aaron Mahnke is the creator of Lore and the podcast has gained an enormous amount of recognition and popularity.

Lore has been produced as a television show that you can find on Amazon Prime. From Vlad the Impaler and the history of vampires, to the Viking notion of vampires in culture, Lore is here to shed some light on parts of history a lot of us had no clue ever existed.

9. The Memory Palace

the memory palace

Nate DiMeo, the Artist-in-Residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for 2016/2017, is the creator of the Memory Palace.

He has many exciting things to say on history and how he sees it.

Nominated as a finalist for a Peabody Award in 2016, the Memory Palace fuses the old-fashioned art of storytelling with history.

It brings to life many aspects of history we might have missed. Every episode tackles something new and they do not fall into any particular order.

Nate DiMeo is also known for being the co-author of Pawnee: the Greatest Town in America and was a finalist for the 2012 Thurber Prize for American Humor.

10. You Must Remember This

you must remember this

Despite being about recent history, this podcast explores a specific part of American culture and history that has secret stories often forgotten.

Here to shed light on the secrets of Hollywood’s first century is Karina Longworth. She narrates, writes and edits all the episodes from home.

It often appears in the top 100 of all podcasts on iTunes.

To help bring recent history to life Longworth frequently brings some actors and comedians on her show.

They work together to uncover parts of Hollywood most people didn’t even know existed. Mark Olsen, Anne Helen Petersen, John Mulaney, Fred Savage and many others have all been guests on the show.

Conflicting reports and mythologizing goes on throughout the podcast.

Though accuracy and uncovering the truth are essential factors of the podcast more often than not, the truth comes out nowhere near as believable and straightforward as most might imagine.

11. Letters from War


Letters from War is another podcast that tackles a particular part of history.

If you’re a history lover, you’re bound to love the compelling story and appreciate the creative but authentic method of how Letters from War sheds light on the Second World War.

The podcast is told through letters exchanged by the Eyde brothers. These three brothers wrote over hundreds of letters during the war.

This type of podcast offers much more of a personal take on history and how it combines the events of the war.

The podcast is relatively new, just showing up in late 2017.

The merging of human emotion and authentic communication makes the podcast even more worth listening.

12. History Extra

history extra

History Extra is one of the greatest and most ambitious podcasts out there.

It tends to focus more on British history regarding topics anywhere from the crusades, to D-Day landings.

It comes from the BBC History Magazine team.

One of the best things about the podcast is that it’s continuously updated. Twice a week History Extra brings you interviews with important historians.

Another important factor is its relationship with the present day facts and discoveries that also have an important role in the podcast.

History Extra seems to acknowledge the thread that connects history with the present day and how we can use it to build a better, more informed society.

13. Historical Blindness

historical blindness

This Podcast is another one that takes an alternative route when it comes to dealing with history.

Some stories we accept as true.

The host of this podcast, Nathaniel Lloyd is here to uncover and challenge the things we’ve been believing to be true.

Lloyd likes to explore some of the most fantastic parts of history, things that hover just outside the realm of reality; things like UFO battles, all the way to the Voynich Manuscript.

Historical Blindness is focused on digging up long forgotten questions of history and its untrustworthiness, continually raising the issue of, “Have we learned anything from history?”

14. 1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories & Mysteries

1,001 heroes, legends, histories & mysteries

A well-researched podcast that mixes its historical tone with entertainment helping the listener engage.

This weekly podcast is thorough and fast-paced making history come alive on every episode.

It covers a wide variety of historical people, places, events, legends, and mysteries.

Host Jon Hagadorn covers a wide range of topics and other aspects such as political systems and literature.

This broadens our view on what history is and how to better understand it.

15. The History Chicks

the history chicks

The History Chicks focuses primarily on women and their positions through history.

The podcast dives deep into the motivation, success, and failure that define some of the most prominent women throughout history.

Through a well-planned out podcast, The History Chicks covers biographies and overviews of women throughout history and even offers the listener pointers for more research.

This pushes you to take a more active approach to the podcast and history itself.

16. Sidedoor


Specializing in historical artifacts, Sidedoor offers the most extensive collection in the world.

Brought to you by Smithsonian, the hosts Tony Cohn and Haleema Shah discuss our shared past with some historians, artists, and scientists in 30-minute episodes.

This podcast is easy to binge. It explores pretty interesting themes such as the world’s oldest winery.

Sidedoor opens up the listener to a part of history through artifacts often skipped even by history lovers.

17. The Way I Heard It

the way i heard it

Mike Rowe means business when it comes to this podcast and his brief but direct approach to storytelling.

His podcast covers the historical working class adventures of America.

Each episode only lasts ten minutes making it much shorter than most podcasts might be. As you might have guessed this makes it incredibly easy to listen to.

The Way I Heard It fuses history in a much more personal way with its conversational tone and approachability for anyone who loves history or maybe even just a good story.