Top 24 Baseball Podcasts

Are you at a baseball game right now?

Eating peanuts and cracker jacks?

If not, no need to worry.

Instead of waiting for the next perfect home run, you can enjoy baseball by listening to baseball podcasts.

Might not be as fun as those warm-up songs before a game.

But, they will surely keep your baseball fix covered until the next decisive call and crazy umpires.

Bring your best high-fives and write a sign with your favorite baseball podcast to your next game.

Because here they are, my favorite baseball podcasts.


This is one of the most famous baseball podcasts with over 1700 episodes aired.

The show is run by comedian and TV producer Paul Francis Sullivan, better known as Sully. Sully’s given you your daily fix of the best in baseball with original posts and discussions about baseball, every day of the year – 365 days, and 366 days on the leap year, since October 24th, 2012.

Sadly though, from April 2nd, 2017, he stopped doing daily podcasts and started doing them weekly instead.

You can count on Sully’s wits and knowledge of baseball throughout the baseball season and also during the playoffs and the off-season.

To keep you hooked, Sully makes his observations and then keenly voices his opinions. He also brings on the best guests like former significant leagues players, actors, and writers. Whether you agree with Sully or not, he always shares his thoughtful, funny, and the most passionate baseball talk on the airwaves.

In case you didn’t know, Sully is a renowned producer on TV shows like The Daily Show with Ax Men and Jon Stewart. He has also made appearances in the ESPN2 and the HBO Sports networks to talk about baseball.

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This podcast has remained active for years, airing continuously to make sure that baseball fans get the best of baseball critics and analytics without fail.

The Effectively Wild podcast debuted on July 28, 2012, when Ringer writer Ben Lindbergh (now the host) was still the editor-in-chief in Baseball Prospectus.

The show has over 1,000 episodes with Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller, before Sam Miller moved out of Effectively Wild and was replaced by Jeff Sullivan, a terrific senior writer at FanGraphs and an editor for a community blog.

The show rules the podcast airwaves thanks to the terrific banter that has inspired a book, as well as tremendous insights into every game.

The podcast airs three episodes every week. It is also a favorite because you don’t have to listen to the backlog of shows you missed. You can find an insanely long backlog, and this is why the show is set up in a manner that ensures you jump right into the current or the most recent episode.

You can catch every show by subscribing to the Effectively Wild podcast on RSS and your Android device.

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Besides co-hosting Effectively Wild, Ben Lindbergh, a staff writer at Ringer partners with Michael Baumann, also a staff writer at Ringer, runs the Ringer MLB Show. In this show, the two podcasters break down all Yankees baseball games with the biggest and often silliest stories surrounding the games.

The show also features interviews with other Ringer writers, insiders, and other plugged-in media members. Everyone from the front office to the dugout gets involved in The Ringer.

It started in May 2016, and it airs twice weekly. Two episodes run weekly, and that means you always have something to look forward to. Currently, there are more than 150 episodes of the podcast available.

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Fangraphs Baseball podcast is owned by David Appleman who is also the creator and owner of, the website run by FanGraphs Inc. that is located in Arlington, Virginia. It was created in 2009. Since its establishment, this site has remained dedicated to baseball fans, especially the fans of fantasy football. gives statistics for every player in the Major League Baseball history.

The Podcast FanGraphs Baseball is hosted by Carson Cistulli, formerly a host of Effectively Wild and now a writer and editor at It airs weekly.

Why listen to this podcast?

Well, other than the fact that it is an entertaining podcast that gives you all the live statistics into the games and the players? The podcast also gives you information on the prospects, best batting averages, home runs, fielding statistics, pitching statistics, baserunning statistics and other baseball statistics. You will also get detailed analysis and commentary.

For all those numbers and historical information, you should consider subscribing and listening. There are other sites you can listen to the podcast from.

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This talk show/podcast is one of the best baseball podcasts, and it has been on the air since 1990.

The podcast is by the ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney, who leads baseball discussions alongside other top baseball analysts. Buster is a senior American Columnist for ESPN: The magazine,, and he has also covered The New York Yankees and the New York Giants for The New York Times. To top that, Buster is also a regular analyst for ESPN’s Baseball Tonight!

The Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney podcasts has over 100 episodes of reviews and analytics of different games. The podcast gives insights on different games.

It has been running for over a year.

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This is a Yankee-focused podcast that kicked off in 2016. This WFAN’s Srinivas (Sweeny) Murti podcast has been on the air for over 15 years and which makes Murti the most popular and familiar voice in the Yankee baseball world for its fans. Sweeny Murti is a sports journalist working primarily for The New York Yankees. Currently, he works for WFAN, The New York Yankees Radio Network, and the SportsNet New York. His expertise in baseball doesn’t end there, Sweeny is also the Yankees beat reporter for SNY and WFAN, and he hosts pregame and postgame shows for Yankees radio broadcasts.

The show features Murti interviewing one person each week. Just as the name implies, the show runs for about 30 minutes, weekly. Therefore, it is easy to listen to the podcast on your morning commute. Despite taking little time compared to others, this podcast has a huge following because Murti is a great source of trusted baseball information. He also handles his interviews professionally getting you all the answers you need.

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This is an ESPN-owned podcast hosted by the leading ESPN experts Eric Karabell and Tristan Cockroft. Both Eric Karabell and Tristan Cockroft are senior writers for Alongside Eric and Tristan are the show’s producer Daniel Dopp and baseball analyst Stephania Bell, an on-air and an online sports commentator at ESPN. It started airing in May 2017.

As the name suggests, this podcast is a sports talk focused on fantasy baseball. These two hosts provide strategies for baseball games, as well as game overviews, baseball player previews, and injury reports. You will also receive updates on match overviews, and roster strategy.

This podcast is a favorite for baseball fans as it allows subscribers the chance to download the podcasts which they can listen to later on. The show airs weekly although it airs twice weekly sometimes.

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This is one of the most comprehensive Fantasy Baseball Podcasts in the baseball podcasts realm. It is dedicated to keeping baseball fans updated and entertained.

The frequent hosts of this interactive and entertaining baseball podcast are CBS’s sports writers Adam Aizer and Scott White. It’s been airing since May 2016.

Throughout the show, you get information about the mid-round and the late-round picks. Also shared are predictions of possible wins in upcoming games. You will appreciate the hosts’ wealth of knowledge in baseball. Note this: if you just want a good source of entertainment to work, you should listen to this podcast. Your love for baseball will creep in slowly. You also get to choose who to pick, add, start, and sit out baseball games. In short, this is the only show you need to listen to so as to win to the league.

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Looking for information on what’s hot, who to pitch or ditch, deal or dump? Start listening to the Fantasy 411 hosts consisting of’s fantasy baseball expert and fantasy writer Fred Zinkie, Matthew Leach, an columnist, and occasionally, FanRag fantasy baseball writer Al Melchior who let you in on all the fantasy baseball details.

This podcast is beneficial whether you play daily fantasy baseball, rotisserie, league specific, head-to-head, mixed, or keeper or non-keeper baseball. You need this crew by your side to win because they’ve done that, and won.

Listening to the show will also give you more about the fantasy baseball 411 cheat sheet. It has been on the air since February 2015.

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Baseball podcasts offer a great way for you to stay in the know about all baseball activities. When on your lunch break, you can listen to this informative podcast that airs between 12:00 – 1:00 PM Monday to Friday. It debuted on 25th September 2017.

The podcast is owned by retired Major League Baseball Pitcher and Author Dirk Hayhurst and Sam Cosentino, a Sportsnet lead CHL analyst.

The incredibly talented host Kevin Barker, a retired American baseball player played in the Major League Baseball as a first baseman for the Cincinnati Reds, Milwaukee Brewers, Toronto Blue Jays, and San Diego Padres. His co-host is Jeff Blair, a host at Sportsnet 590 the FAN. Together, they discuss baseball stories and happenings on-and-off the major and the minor league diamonds. They aren’t just die-hard baseball fans but also great entertainers.

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This is another incredible baseball podcast you don’t want to miss out on. It debuted in January 2012. It has a detailed analysis of all baseball games. The show’s host Patrick Davitt is a big baseball fan and an intellectual analyst who ensures that you do not miss any detail.

Alongside special guests, Patrick gives weekly fantasy baseball insights. If you’d like to know who will win the next game, listen to Patrick Davitt.

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This is a weekly baseball podcast that focuses on all things Atlanta Braves. It is one of the old but dedicated baseball podcasts having been airing since February 2010. The show is about to clock 400 episodes of only the best in baseball. The show’s host is Jeremy Brisiel an award-winning host, writer, and digital content producer. Jeremy gives detailed insights and also holds deep conversations on baseball with other experts.

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This is the podcast that provides all the hard-hitting baseball analytics. But, that isn’t all, this podcast also feeds you your daily dose of entertainment. It debuted in March 2016.

The show’s host is Bobby Sylvester, who holds a lively discussion with hundreds of experts. Besides hosting the Baseball Podcast, Bobby Sylvester also co-hosts FantasyPros Football Podcast with Mike Tagliere. He is also a writer for DFS and MLB Prospects.

The show is on the 82nd episode soon getting to the 100th episode of nothing but the best baseball analytics.

Through the podcast, you will acquire all the tips you need to win in your league. The podcast has a resource pool of more than a hundred baseball experts as well as correspondents. By listening in, you will learn how to pick, draft, and start as you receive a detailed analysis of the latest baseball news from around the diamond league. Therefore, before you pick your league-mates, ensure that you get the free analysis from the podcast.

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Baseball podcasts aren’t all about commentaries. Sometimes, an understanding of the history behind baseball games is crucial. So, if you are interested in baseball history, listen to Fadeaway: The Baseball History Podcast hosted by Eric Enders. The first episode aired in May 2016.

What do you know about Eric Enders? This host was weaned on Vin Scully as a baby and his obsession with baseball started at a tender age of nine. He has been a writer for over two decades on his beloved Los Angeles Dodgers, Ballparks, Negro Leagues, Latinos in Baseball, and the Deadball Era. His renowned authorship has been featured on, Sports on Earth, Austin American-Statesman, Variety, and The New York Times, among others.

Enders uses colorful characters to tell stories of this great National Pastime.

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As the name suggests, this is a dedicated Red Sox Podcast. It is owned by CLNS radio, a Boston-based online sports radio station known to broadcast some of the well-known sports radio shows in the whole country. This product of CLNS Radio covers all Red Sox and the Major League Baseball (MLB).

This is hands-down the best Red Sox and Major League Baseball podcast with talented hosts Lauren Campbell – a beat writer for the Boston Red Sox and The Boston Bruins at CLNS Radio; Jared Scali – a big Sports Radio talent and a writer; and Jess Thomas – the Red Sox Beat team manager, as well as a member of the Boston Celtics, beat team for the CLNS Radio.

To keep you informed of the latest in MLB and the Red Sox games, this podcast airs daily for 60 minutes, and you can listen to the show on-demand. An episode of the show is uploaded weekly. It started airing in 2009.

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This is a dedicated fantasy baseball podcast hosted by Bogman (Scott Bogman) – an author at In This League, and a host of several fantasy sports podcasts including basketball, football, hockey, and baseball; and The Welsh (Chris Welsh) – owner of the podcast with undeniable “boyish good looks” and a knack for sportscasting. The podcast which started in January of 2015 gives you in-depth information about draft strategy, trends, rankings, keepers, prospects, and a lot more. The podcast isn’t just informative but also entertaining.

New episodes are uploaded weekly. This podcast is currently in its 180th episode, and you can only look forward to more episodes of only the best in fantasy baseball.

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Hosted by sports bloggers and podcasters Rich Baxter – the proprietor of Fightin Phillies blog as well as the Phillies Talk Podcast, one of the longest running independent podcast about the Phillies; and Gary Mack – a former baseball player and the sole proprietor of MetsMusings the unofficial weekly podcast that features recaps and analysis of the New York National League baseball team.

It debuted in May 2017. This podcast gives you the best news and current happenings in the world of baseball. Their podcast delves into what happened that week in the baseball world as well as the expected happenings ahead for the best baseball teams in pro baseball.

The podcast airs weekly, but it isn’t as consistent as other baseball podcasts.

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This is one of the best baseball podcasts you can listen to on your commute to work or during your lunch break, especially if you are into fantasy baseball and you are looking for tricks for the game. The podcast’s host Joel Henard (a social media specialist and a producer) sits with his co-hosts Mike Hilbig and Matt Lewton from The Fantasy Insiders Show that is powered by the It debuted in 2009.

Joel Henard is a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association and his podcasting career began with his show the Hoosier Fantasy Baseball Insider in 2007. is a site that writes about baseball and football action.

This podcast gets you up to date with the latest baseball league news. Other than baseball, this podcasts also shares insights on what is happening in the football world.

The show airs every Monday at 9 pm EST on the Fantasy Sports Network. The show has more than 300 episodes.

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This is an active baseball podcast that brings you everything you need to know about Minor League Baseball. writers Sam Dykstra (a former Major Leagues Baseball center fielder) and Tyler Maun (Creator/Host: The Show Before The Show and writer of the’s PROSPECTive Blog) are the hosts of the show. These big baseball fans break down the biggest stories in Minor League Baseball.

In The Show Before the Show, these hosts also examine everything that is going on outside the lines with a look at the business of the Minors. This analysis of the business around the minor leagues is by the baseball expert Benjamin Hill who is also a MiLB writer and the writer of The Topps Company and’s Ben’s Biz insert set.

So, for news about the latest signings and drops, be sure to listen in to these baseball experts.

The show has run 144 episodes since June 2015. It airs weekly, and it has attracted quite a following.

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Any fantasy baseball fan has to listen to this podcast which shares and discusses everything that is happening in and around the baseball leagues. The podcast’s hosts are Ralph Lifshitz, the creator of the questionable and speculative lists for @Razzball and Michael Halpern, the founder of Imaginary Brickwall, an all-inclusive dynasty for baseball rankings.

This is the fantasy baseball podcast for keepers, dynasty leagues, as well as anyone else looking for information about baseball prospects. You can also listen to the show if you just need some entertainment, even when you have zero interest in the game.

This podcast airs weekly. The only complaint is the commercials that air in the middle of the show.

Also, if you are interested in a little more detail on all the games, you can waltz over to the site’s blog section to get more insights. The podcast first aired in May 2017.

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This is another source of baseball information. Baseball America was recently sold by TEN (The Enthusiast Network) to new owners Alliance Baseball LLC, a company that owns franchises in two minor league baseball franchises. Alliance Baseball LLC is run by CEO, Gary Green, a businessman and an entrepreneur passionate about baseball and President Larry Botel, also an entrepreneur with interests in baseball.

Through the weekly episodes, this podcast, whose slogan is “Be a Better Fan” shares information on prospects through its host Kevin Kramer.

Baseball America Podcast also shares all the news in the world of baseball while covering games from the player’s development point of view. For this, the Baseball America staff delivers their take on everything happening in the world of baseball.

This podcast which debuted in 2006 analyzes baseball games weekly. BA analyzes the major and the minor leagues, but it emphasizes game prospects. You also get unparalleled coverage of college, and high school games, drafts, youth, and international games.

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We’re Talkin Yankees Baseball! Series Recaps, Weekly Awards, Interviews, Some Stats, Some Jokes, and a Lot of Fun! Hosted by Jomboy & Jake.

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Two guys just talking about our two favorite passions, Baseball and Barbecue

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This podcast is for the baseball fan with a curious mind. We bring you one event from each day in the calendar and go well beyond the box score. Our stories are brief and fun and come with some surprises.

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Baseball podcasts are the greatest source of baseball insights whether you are a die-hard fan, a fantasy baseball gamer, or someone who finds entertainment in conversations about baseball.

Also, if the idea of owning and running a baseball podcast appeals to you, listening to these podcasts ensures that you know more about the game and how to handle yourself on air. The hosts of these baseball podcasts started somewhere and their first day on air may be nothing like what you’re listening to at the moment. Therefore, listening to these baseball podcasts may be the motivation you need to become better.

From this review of the best baseball podcasts, we can all agree that the Sully Baseball Podcast is the greatest. Running a podcast for more than five years every single day, and still attract a huge following is no easy feat. Coming in close to the Sully Baseball Podcast is Effectively Wild.

If you live, eat, and breathe baseball, listen to these podcasts – they all have something special to offer.