Top 17 Business Podcasts

Are you a businessman/woman?

Want to join the life-learning club?

Well, then I got you covered with this list of the 17 best business podcasts.

These hand-picked cherries are a perfect listen, on for example, your daily commute.


If you missed out on getting your MBA and are thinking, “How will I get ahead of my peers in the corporate world?”

There’s a way out.

The $100 MBA podcast is a suitable alternative to stay ahead. It consists of 700 lessons from the co-founder Omar.

The podcast won the best 2014 podcast award. The podcast is ideal for experts in marketing, tech, and entrepreneurship industry.

Omar’s program features business leaders who offer great insight into how to make profits and efficiently run your business.

Moreover, in the podcast, you will find step by step tips on how to grow your business and make it competitive.

The podcast offers hope to those still optimistic about being MBAs.

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Harvard Business Review has created a niche in scholarly business research.

Their magazine is something every business leader should read. However, you may lack time to devour the publications.

Every Thursday, HBR Interviews reputable CEOs, entrepreneurs, and journalists among others. HBR editor Sarah Green Carmichael conducts the interviews.

In addition to this, the podcast also covers emerging technologies that are bound to change how businesses operate. In one of these business podcasts, they look into AI, robotics, and cloud computing.

The podcast interviews are well-researched and give the listener more insight into how to succeed in business.

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You did not expect these guys to not make it on the list.

TED Talks are informative and provide in-depth insight into different aspects of life.

Thus, they are a must-watch for anyone seeking knowledge. The TED Radio Hour is a branch of the TED Talks that provides insightful tips on leadership and productivity.

TED talks have been amongst the most watched YouTube videos. People love them because they are well-researched, and some of the ideas presented are changing the world. The same can be said about TED Radio Hour.

Listening to the shows will not only expand your knowledge on different matters, but you will become smarter and inspired to do great things.

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The podcast – aimed for small businesses – has so far interviewed over 2,000 successful entrepreneurs.

These include famous figures like Barbara Corcoran, Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, and Tony Robbins among others. John Lee Dumas hosts the show; he does an amazing job asking the right questions and giving insight to people keen on starting their businesses.

The exceptional podcast content earned it the Best of iTunes award. In short, this is one of the business podcasts that’s guaranteed to satisfy.

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While most of the podcasts focus on success, this podcast took a different approach.

In the first place, it shows you real-life stories of entrepreneurs who have failed in their journey to success and how they rose above the obstacles. The podcast is run by Erik Fisher who invites guests to the show to give their side of the story and how they succeeded.

That being the case, this is an excellent podcast for those thinking of starting their own business. Some of the content covered includes: how to set goals, maximizing your productivity, and personal development among others.

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The award-winning author of “The 4-Hour Workweek” and dubbed by The NYT as “a cross between Jack Welch and a Buddhist monk,” Tim Ferriss has been breaking airwaves with his podcast.

His podcast has seen over 100 million downloads and is ranked number one on business podcasts in iTunes. He interviews some of the top business influencers like LinkedIn founder Edward Norton to discover what their driving force is.

If you’re stuck wondering how to conquer new markets, then you need to listen to his podcast for insights. What’s more, guests also engage in Q&A from the audience.

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Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is responsible for this podcast. The prestigious university is known for producing top business leaders, and their podcast is no exception.

Hence, the podcast centers on the people who have groomed industry leaders like professors and interviews the leaders themselves. Each interview lasts for around 20 minutes.

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Copyblogger has over the years established itself as an authority when it comes to content marketing.

The podcast is hosted weekly by Sonia Simone whose main focus is email marketing, copywriting, mindset, and conversion optimization among others. Each week she features a new guest who will analyze the week’s trending news in copywriting.

One of her latest topics discusses how stressing it can be for SEO experts to remain at the top. Therefore, this is the right show for someone planning on building a career as a social media strategist or SEO expert.

Even more, you can learn from some of the mistakes SEO industry titans have made and avoid the same in the future.

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Andrew Warner hosts this podcast. He digs into the lives of entrepreneurs to find the factors that led to their success or failure.

While at it, he’s not afraid to ask questions that make a leader uncomfortable. It’s estimated that he has interviewed over 1,000 startup owners to date.

If you’ve just started on a business idea and don’t know what to do next, find insight from some of these people who have made it. You’ll learn how risk and reward are related and how to take your brand to the next level.

In their mission statement, they describe themselves as “thinkers and doers whose ideas and stories are so powerful that just hearing them will change you.” The podcast has 166 informational courses.

With this in mind, this is the kind of podcast for someone who’s thinking of starting a business but has yet to start.

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The rate of success of startups is meager – especially during the first two years.

In this podcast, you get to learn everything about startups. The podcast is the basis for ABC’s latest sitcom Alex, Inc. These business podcasts are divided into seasons with each season featuring an entrepreneur who is doing great things with his startup.

For example season one features Alex Blumberg – also the founder of Startup – as he narrates how he started a podcast called Gimlet. The second season focuses on Dating Ring – a struggling dating site.

The most recent episode is all about making the perfect cup of coffee. To help you achieve this, the podcast follows the life of Mokhtar Alkhanshali. It’s a story about pursuing your dreams no matter the costs.

Mokhtar was faced with the daunting task of pursuing top coffee brands to distribute his coffee. Startup focuses on the entrepreneur journey – showing the challenges he faces at home and how they handled finding issues with cofounders.

Consequently, this lets you have a unique view of their lives.

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You probably have seen the industry leaders in news conferences promoting their brands.

But, have you wondered how they came to build such big and powerful brands? This podcast follows the lives of founders of top brands like AOL, Kate Spade, and Five Guys among others. Guy Raz is the host of the podcast.

He goes in-depth into how some of these multi-billion brands have been built. Guy’s storytelling skills are superb. NPR handling production has enhanced the quality of the podcast.

If you’re a fan of FUBU, then you don’t want to miss the next podcast that will feature Daymond John – one of the sharks in the popular TV show ‘Shark Tank.’ The good part about the podcast is you get to learn the nitty-gritty of how these people built their businesses.

It does not focus on how much they’ve earned but gives viewers practical steps to grow their businesses.

However, the downside is that after a couple of business podcasts the concepts become the same.

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Smart People Podcast features people who have done amazing things with their lives and how they have overcome the odds to become what they are today.

The podcast is an inspiration to many and will help listeners get off their feet and do something productive with their lives. Smart people is a podcast for everyone as it deals with how to live a balanced life at work and home.

The show is not limited to business leaders but has a mix of professionals from different backgrounds. These include MDs, athletes, CFPs, Buddhists, and even porn stars. This dynamic mix makes the business podcast very engaging and interesting.

As a result, it opens your mind to different ideas. Smart People Podcast is for people planning on becoming smart.

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First of all, the focus of this podcast is on small to medium enterprises and home-based entrepreneurs.

It helps them develop a marketing strategy and take their brands to the next level. It helps entrepreneurs build on their sales and marketing skills. Therefore, Duct Tape Marketing is for those people who are wondering,”How do I get word to potential customers?”

The podcast will equip you with marketing skills so that you do not need to hire a professional. John Jantsch developed Duct Tape Marketing as a way to turn traditional marketing techniques to fit into small to midsized businesses.

While doing this, the founder has received accolades from reputable organizations like the New York Enterprise Report, Forbes, CNBC, and at some point, he was in the Wall Street Journal best seller list.

Furthermore, John has also been invited to some prominent organizations to give a keynote speech; these include Microsoft, American Express, eBay, Verizon, and HP.

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The podcast began in 2014 with the aim of providing insight to leaders in their journey to success.

Gene Hammett hosts it. Gene has interviewed many business leaders including FUBU legend John Daymond. And so in the podcast, Gene explores how some of these leaders think as they make crucial business decisions.

Then he probes how they find markets for their products, about the failures they faced, and the challenges they have endured to be who they are today. If you’re in the trenches at the moment, this podcast will help you navigate your way out.

Every business faces some hard times, but it is those who have tenacity who come out of the trenches.

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First of all, Tony Robbins has built himself a career as a motivational speaker commanding thousands of followers.

He has interviewed ordinary people doing extraordinary things. If you’re looking for a great way to start your day, then I’d recommend that you carry and listen to this podcast on your way to work.

Most noteworthy, Tony’s work has guided over 50 million people in over 100 countries to make positive decisions and change their lives. He has helped several business leaders start their businesses or take existing ones to the next level.

His podcast is not relegated to business news only but touches on how people can improve their personal lives.

Even more, he’s also well versed in emerging technologies like AI and robotics and this makes for an all-round podcast.

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The podcast has created a buzz with its focus on marketing tips.

It’s hosted by two amazing persons – Adam Brown (Salesforce) and Jay Baer (Convince and Convert). At the content marketing awards, the show was named the best podcast.

Social media marketing has grown over the years with most marketing executives taking their marketing campaigns to various social media platforms. In this podcast, the show features a social media expert who has dealt with various top brands in the market.

For this reason, listeners gain insight into how the industry works. This is one of the best business podcasts to learn how big brands like IBM, Dell or ESPN have created a large following on various online platforms.

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This is one of the most popular business podcasts online. Pat Flynn hosts it.

Pat knows that the process of building a successful business is not guaranteed, so he takes listeners through various tactics to make a profit by using lifestyle changes, blogging or various marketing schemes.

It’s possible for people to make six-figure bucks from passive incomes. Therefore, if you’re in the dark and wondering how this is possible, then listen to Pat Flynn as he delves into various avenues for making passive income.

Some have even gone ahead and started their successful business podcasts after listening to Pat.

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