Top 15 Christian Podcasts

Being a Christian in today’s world is tough.

Our modern culture and a dozen other new ideas sometimes estrange us from our faith and make us lose our way.

And just like our bodies, our faith needs nurturing. It needs food.

And for most people, the only time they feed their spirit is on Sundays.

Now, you don’t have to starve and wait for Sundays.

Here’s a selection that’s so varied, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you.

Whether you want beefy sermon-like podcasts or light and funny ones, I’ve got you covered.

There are also podcasts for men, women, fathers, mothers, children, and for the whole family.


Ravi Zacharias is my modern-day Christian hero.

He’s no ordinary preacher, but an apologist who defends attacks against Christianity on an intellectual level.

My mental image of an apologist is like a present-day knight defending the “kingdom” of God – brave and gallant.

Before taking in all that sweet-talking or those hard doctrines, wouldn’t it be wise to know why we believe what we believe?

If you’re a cynical Christian like me, you’re sure to keep this podcast on your playlist.

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John Piper gives 10-15 minute expository answers to hard and frequently asked questions among Christians.

Piper is known for coining the term “Christian Hedonism” and practices and teaches this doctrine.

His passion is evident in his voice as he clearly expounds on topics.

He addresses issues like sexual identity and depression. He gives his own reflections and quotes other Christian influencers as well.

I like short and sweet episodes. But if 15 minutes won’t do it for you, then check out his website for his full sermons.

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Timothy Keller is one of the most eloquent speakers I’ve ever listened to.

Have you ever listened to a sermon and connected with it right off the bat?

His sermons last for a good 30-45 minutes and he delivers the messages powerfully.

If you want to listen to something enlightening and encouraging, run to the Word of God.

Or get it straight from this podcast.

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Who hasn’t heard of Rick Warren’s best-selling book The Purpose Driven Life?

I remember a time seeing the book everywhere – from all kinds of bookstores to random people’s homes. I used to keep a small journal following the 40-day practical devotional guide myself.

But if you’re not much of a reader, no worries because you can now simply listen to the messages.

This pastor of Saddleback Church and best-selling author is an expert in breaking down complex Biblical concepts into simple and practical ideas.

Now he has a podcast!

Short on hope these days? Let this podcast encourage you and teach you what true hope is all about.

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You didn’t just add “sta” in the middle of Ingram, right?

While that leading social media app hides the truth with dozens of filters, Ingram’s podcast is packed with biblical truths you need to hear.

Founder and CEO of Living on the Edge, Chip Ingram delivers life-changing messages.

He proves that the Bible isn’t just some dusty obsolete book. He turns to the Word of God for sound and helpful advice on modern-day issues.

He also shares his own experiences making listeners relate easier.

He has authored many books, among which are Culture Shock and Living on the Edge.

Each episode is carefully set to 25 minutes only.

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Chuck Swindoll, the Senior Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church, is probably one of the most loved preachers.

Swindoll started broadcasting his sermons way back in 1977 and has written many books.

Swindoll is direct with his sermons and his illustrations capture the interest.

Listen to God’s truth delivered clearly with enough humor keeping things in balance.

Get applicable insights from the Word of God for your daily life through this awesome podcast.

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Take a break from that Baby Shark last song syndrome in your head and introduce this podcast to your kids.

It’s a compilation of short Bible stories enjoyable for the little ones and also for the not-so-little ones.

Play it in the car or during bedtime.

The episodes are between 10-20 minutes in length – the ideal listening time for kids and some adults, like me.

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Hosted by best selling author, Emily P. Freeman, this is a great Christian podcast for women and is On Demand on Stitcher.

If you want to take a break from heavy sermons, tune in. This is one of the most refreshing Christian podcasts ever.

Listening to Emily is just like hanging out with a good friend on a nice quiet day. Kinda like feeding your soul.

Every day of our lives we make decisions – from the littlest to the biggest. And it gets exhausting.

Chill out with Emily as she tells inspiring stories, shares quotes and offers advice to clear out the fog in your head.

It’s a breath of fresh air.

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Cale Nelson hosts this resourceful podcast for men.

The show’s statement, “Grow Your Faith, Strengthen Your Family, Impact Your World” speaks about what a lot of Christian men today are struggling to achieve.

You’re not alone. Be encouraged by testimonies of real men from all walks of life – from pastors to military men.

Listen to revelations and experiences that have changed their lives.

This is a good place to put your thoughts in while you’re at the gym or doing your morning jog.

Or consider it your virtual men’s group that you can retreat into when you’re feeling a little bit weary on your Christian walk.

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Another great one for the girls!

Michelle Higgins, Christina Edmondson, and Ekemini Uwan share conversations covering a myriad of topics. From politics, gender, race, current events, to pop culture.

The description of the podcast is “Midwives of Culture for Grace and Truth.”

Truth’s Table is like having coffee and gossiping with your girlfriends.

But instead of gossips, they seek to share the truth. Instead of coffee, well, it could be anything you’d like.

It’s fun to listen and pray with this vocal band of sisters in the faith. They’re bold, fun, and empowering.

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You’d often hear a lot of cliches about motherhood – how beautiful, pure and glorious it is.

But once you’re there, you’ll also see the ugly, messy and not-so-glorious side of it.

Heather MacFayden created this podcast, especially for moms. Listen to other moms and learn to practice God-centered motherhood.

Being a mom of four boys herself, with her first and fourth son only 6 1/2 years apart,

Heather understands how exhausting and humbling motherhood can be. She describes her boys as “wild-at-heart, energetic and often stubborn.”

So yeah, don’t “mom” alone because you don’t have to.

Join Heather in her podcast and get that much-needed recharge.

You don’t have to be perfect and you don’t need to walk this mom journey alone.

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Even today, we still have that impression that moms are always the only ones doing all the hard work. Thus, Mother’s Day is quite big with all those emotional appreciation notes, cakes and flowers.

While Father’s Day is just kinda like, “Yeah, Happy Father’s Day.”

The truth is in some families, dads are equally (if not more) overworked and stressed as moms. They just keep it inside.

Also, dads are usually appreciated less than they deserve. Dads need appreciation and encouragement too.

Like moms, dads get tired too.

For Dads who are “dad” tired, you get the pun, right?

This is more than just a podcast. It’s a community of Christian men or dads who talk about things that matter most in life – faith, family, and marriage.

Be a part of this great community to help you lead your family like a pro.

When you’re tired and you need some words of encouragement, Jerrad Lopes has got a thing or two for you.

Lighten your mood with episodes like, “When You Feel Like a Grumpy Old Man.”

You’ll be surprised how Jerrad relates with what you’re going through and could maybe offer some practical insight in light of the Gospel.

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Got 30 minutes?

Focus on the Family Broadcast is a great resource for raising a Christ-centered family.

Jim Daly and John Fuller have been giving sound advice and encouragement for families since 1977.

It’s a popular Christian radio program in the US – helping strengthen homes with practical biblical principles and values.

Now it’s in a podcast easily accessible to you.

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Growing up, you would’ve heard of Larry the Cucumber, right?

I used to really enjoy singing along with Larry or Bob to those silly songs in Veggie Tales.

Creator of Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer is back with this podcast along with co-host Skye Jethani.

Listen to funny conversations about theology, media, pop culture, and random things from these two guys and various guests on the show.

Being a Christian doesn’t need to be boring. It’s actually interesting to hear discussions and opinions about relevant things from a Christian perspective.

Lastly, I love the theme song of this podcast – so silly and so Phil!

The funniest thing to me probably is that I still keep hearing Bob the Tomato.

Take a listen, you’ll enjoy it.

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You don’t only get to hear the news, you get it examined.

Albert Mohler Jr. talks about current events and news in this podcast and gives analysis from a Christian perspective.

Where should we as Christians stand?

Going against the grain is surely not an easy position to be. These issues will allow you to think and reflect on your own views and whether they are aligned with what your faith says.

I love how the already brief episodes are further divided into smaller topics and how you can easily skip or go directly to those subtopics.

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I just want to quote Psalm 119:105, “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.”

Listen to God’s word and teachings wherever you go.

Keep your path always lit so you don’t stumble or get lost.

Don’t wait for Sundays and pick a podcast to listen to today.