Top 17 Podcast for Kids

Listening to a podcast can be beneficial for you and your kids.

It can replace or minimize screen time. It can also keep the kids entertained during the long drive or a sort of bonding for the family.

But most of all, it can help your kids academically.

Your kids and even you can learn science, history and so much by just listening to a podcast

With lots of podcasts for kids online, we narrow them down and made the top 17 podcasts for kids. You can find on the list different interest that your kid may be in.

We also divided the list into categories for better references.

So take a look of our review as a sneak peek of what to expect on the podcast for kids listed below.


Who doesn’t love Sesame Street?

Sesame Street is the perfect entertainment for kids 0 to 3 years of age.

It is a great companion to keep your toddlers entertained and pacified during a commute.

Actually, Sesame Street Podcast is a video podcast, but since we like to lessen kids’ screen time, let us keep that a secret.

The kids will learn the alphabet and numbers as they sing and dance with Elmo and the gang.

At a very young age, your kids will learn the importance of listening, comprehension, and imagination.

You can subscribe and download Sesame Street Podcast on Apple Podcast, podbean and other podcast sites.

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If your kid is a fan of Disney movies, prepare to download episodes of the Disney Story Central Podcast.

Relive and imagine stories from Disney and Pixar movies as it was read by the host Marie Westbrook.

Listening to this podcast can make you picture the scenes of the movie.

The storytelling runs for less than 20 minutes. Not dragging for very young kids.

Disney Story Central Podcast is brought to us by Disney Story Central.

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Bedtime Explorers is a very effective sleep-inducing podcast for kids and adults.

Bedtime Explorers is an Australian-based meditative podcast for kids of all ages.

The kids will surely doze as soon as Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, the host, starts the meditation through deep breathing.

They will soon imagine exploring new places or animals.

The background music, as well as Amy’s voice, is relaxing even adults can fall asleep listening to this.

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If you are looking for a bank of stories for kids to listen to, Storynory is your answer.

Storynory has hundreds of stories for kids. From classic stories such as Snow White to original ones like Bertie Stories and nursery rhymes, Storynory is for all ages.

Storynory is a UK based podcast for kids led by Bertie or Hugh Fraser.

Hugh Fraser is the in-house writer of Storynory stories. Hugh together with Jana Elizabeth, the editor of the stories and their actors makes the Storynory happen.

You can visit Storynory’s website to get a glimpse of stories in store for you. Listen to Storynory on Apple Podcast and other podcasting sites.

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The Beanies is ideal for kids in their formative years.

Laura, Mim and Michael beanie will lead your kids to fun podcasting as they sing and dance to their music.

The Beanies covers topics that can help kid’s development. From brushing teeth, learning the seasons and so much more.

There are a lot of singing in this show your kids will love.

This podcast aims to engage kids’ creativity and imagination and lessen the use of gadgets with screens.

Catch The Beanies season 2 and 3 episodes on their website. You can also subscribe to their podcast on Apple Podcast and Kinderling Kids Radio App.

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Let your kid’s imagination run wild with Story Pirate.

Story Pirate is a podcast that tickles your kid’s imagination by creatively reenacting stories written by kids themselves.

The Story Pirate is about two friends Lee and Peter.

They purchased a ship ever from e-bay to make their dream come true –to make a podcast while sailing the high seas.

As the story goes sailing in the ocean together with the Story Pirate crew, they will feature one story submitted by a kid contributor.

That story is related to their theme for the episode. This podcast for kids will make your kids burst out of laughter.

Also, it will inspire and encourage your kids to express their creativity through writing.

Get to know more about Story Pirate’s crew, updates and the latest episode on their website.

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The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian is a serialized science fiction.

This is the story of an 8-year old boy who got stuck in another planet.

He solves mysteries and helps aliens as he resolves his own dilemma.

It is written and performed by Jonathan Messinger.

The Alien Adventure of Finn Caspian is a perfect entertainment for kids 4 years old and up.

Younger kids might not appreciate this podcast for it overwhelms with words that can bore kids. Just a tip, start listening on the first episode to have a better understanding of the story.

You can subscribe to The Alien Adventure of Finn Caspian through their website. You can listen and download all episodes of The Alien Adventure of Finn Caspian on the Episode menu of their website.

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Little Stories for Tiny People is an original audio story podcast for kids created by Rhea Pechter.

This podcast motivates the kids to use their imagination and create their own vision of the story.

The storytelling technique used in this podcast is simple but engaging. Sound effects and background music helps set the tone of the story.

The host’s voice modulation and diction is easy to understand making it ideal bedtime story podcast for kids.

Visit Little Stories for Tiny People website and take a peak on their cute site illustration.

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Brains On! is a perfect example of an educational and informative podcast for kids.

Brains on! is created by American Public Radio answers the question of a curious kid one episode at a time.

The host Molly Bloom together with her guest co-host seeks answers to the question by interviewing experts on the given topic.

The show has a segment on which the listeners can guess the mystery sound. Listening to this podcast will do wonders in your kids learning.

As listeners, you and your kids can participate to the show by sending your questions and ideas to Brains On!

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What If World feeds your kid’s imagination by making their “what ifs” actualized. What if World is a podcast for kids that sources its episode story from kid’s curiosity. What If World is hosted, written and co-produced by Eric O’Keefe with Karen Marshall O’Keefe. This podcast is entertaining and attention-grabbing. It encourages kids to engage in their creative thinking and explore possibilities.

Catch new episodes and updates of What If World on their website. If you have a “what if” question you want Mr. Eric to realize, you can tweet it at @whatifworldpod.

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Kids have a lot of questions in mind that we often don’t know how to answer.

Thank heavens that we can now feed their curiosity with But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids.

Nope, it is not just a typical podcast that discusses topics given by its writers. This podcast is led by kids.

They are the ones who ask questions themselves and played on air. The answers are delivered straight from the experts invited by the host Jane Lindholm.

Send in your kid’s question at But Why: A Podcast for Kids and let your kids tune in and be amazed of hearing their own voice over the podcast.

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Let your kids discover the wonders of the world with Wow in the World.

Wow in the World is a podcast that tells exciting stories and facts about just anything in the world.

Each episode, Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas will create skits compelled with scientific facts and trivia.

From topics such as the science of saliva to Aurora Borealis, the kids and the whole family will enjoy listening and learning from this podcast.

Wow in the World is created by Tinkercast’s founders Mindy Thomas, Guy Raz, and Meredith Halpern-Ranzern.

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Tumble is a podcast that discusses science-related topics.

It is produced by Lindsay Patterson and Marshal Escamilla.

Tumble’s storytelling is set on a comedic tone and they use easy to comprehend terms. A way that can grab and keep kid’s attention.

What makes this podcast interesting are the featured inventions that we can look forward to in the future. They also have a blog site where you can view pictures from their sourced topic.

This will surely make your kids love science and technology.

Visit Tumble on their website to know more about Tumble what ups and to access their podcast.

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The Past & Curious is a podcast that showcases historical events and personalities for cultural literacy.

This podcast also includes musical number and quiz for additional entertainment.

Mick Sullivan, the creator, and host of the show is an avid fan of history and trivia.

Through his passion, he created The Past & Curious for everyone – kids and adults to enjoy.

Each episode features 2 historical stories that have similarities with each other.

Mick sorts topics that are not usually seen on school textbooks and known to few. And that makes The Past & Curious podcast a great source of trivia and facts.

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Best Quiz Ever is considered an interactive and informative podcast for the whole family.

The Best Quiz Ever is a quiz show podcast that lasts for about 15 minutes.

They have a theme per episode where they base their questions. In the end, the host will reveal and explain the answers.

Aaron Robins, the creator, and writer of the show tie up with Tom Sykes to host the show. Tom Sykes is the voice of the host Renaldo Fitz-Shaw-naw-naw.

Together with the rest of the gang, they make Best Quiz Ever fun and engaging.

Tuning to this podcast is a great idea for a new sort of family bonding.

Visit Best Quiz Ever’s website to get to know more about the creator and the persons behind this podcast.

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Dream Big Podcast teaches and inspires kids and adults to aim high and dream big.

Dream Big Podcast emphasizes two things.

First is that there are no too big dreams that you cannot achieve so dream big. Second is to take massive of action in order to achieve your dream.

Dream Big Podcast also teaches life’s lesson and how to keep up with it.

Dream Big Podcast is hosted by Eva Karpman together with her mother Olga Karpman.

Eva is a grade school kid who aims to inspire kids like her to dream big and pursue their passion.

They interview inspiring personalities such as astronaut, writer, and singers who are living their passion and dreams. Through this, listeners can take cues and realize their dreams.

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Short and Curly is a podcast that will help kids learn values and morals to live by.

Hosted by Carl Smith and Molly Daniels guided by the resident philosopher from Ethics Centre Dr. Matt Bears, this podcast will encourage you to think, reason and communicate.

Each episode, Short and Curly present an argument or situation that needs reasoning.

They present the topic through fun and comedic improvised skit.

As such, their topic entitled “Was Robin Hood right? Should you rob the rich to help the poor?” and “What’s the Point of School Uniform?” will teach the kids what is right from wrong.

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As such, too much of anything is bad.

Too much podcast exposure may lead to other problems such as extreme introversion, aloofness and lack of social skills.

Also, you do not want your kids to be fully dependent on something in order to get on with their daily lives.

It is safe to play podcast for kids for about an hour.

This way, the child has enough time to indulge in the podcast and time to digest the newly acquired information.