60-Second Science (Scientific American)

You don’t have to be a geek to love a little bit of science trivia every now and then.

In elementary school, we were taught that science is everywhere and in everything. Science is generally a fascinating subject, especially if you’re listening to Christopher Intagliata.

Chris is one of the hosts for 60-Second Science podcast, along with Karen Hopkin, Jason G. Goldman, and Steve Mirsky, to mention a few. He’s the senior producer of Science Friday and was a 2015 Woods Hole Ocean Science Journalism fellow, an opportunity given to professionals in the field of science productions.

I didn’t even have to see his face – I instantly, irrevocably, fell for his voice!

Man, that smart science guy with a beautiful voice would be all you want to listen to all day. I certainly would.

I just got dreamy-eyed listening to him to talk about tooth tartar!

That’s easily why 60-Second Science makes it on my list of best podcasts for road trips.

So what are you waiting for? Get your quick one-minute dose of science on your next road trip with Chris on 60-Second Science.

Or visit the main page, Scientific American and select Science Talk if you prefer lengthier 10-40 minute audio clips.

Topics included are Health, Mind, Sustainability, Tech and The Sciences.

You’d also have the option of downloading the talks on MP3 format for free right from the site itself.

So if you’re not sure about internet access on the road, best to download it before the trip.

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