When a song is too good, it usually gets a cover, or multiple ones. It gets revived again and again over the years. It’s fair to say that covers signify a song’s timelessness.

Coverville’s got you covered if you’re looking for compilations of best cover songs. Each episode of Coverville hosted and produced by Brian Ibbott features an artist’s collection of song renditions made by other artists or bands.

It has thousands of episodes to date since it started in 2004. Obviously, I’m a big fan of cover songs – good ones, that is. The covers range from punk, rock, instrumental and even trance versions of a song.

I love the feeling of rediscovering an old song through hearing another version of it. It refreshes my perspective on the song and I get to discover new remarkable artists. Just like how I instantly fell in love with Two Seconds Away’s version of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car.

Listening to Coverville is like remodelling a good old house. It’s not the same, yet it still feels like home.

If you want to request songs to feature on Coverville, tweet Brian Ibbott!

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2022-01-13 21:50:15
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2021-12-09 21:51:15
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2021-11-24 22:11:04
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2021-11-18 21:53:33
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Coverville 1379: Cover Stories for Lorde & Taylor (Swift)

2021-11-11 21:58:10
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Coverville 1378: Led Zeppelin IV: 50th Anniversary Album Cover to Cover

2021-11-04 20:36:11
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2021-10-28 20:46:05
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Coverville 1376: The Snoop Dogg Cover Story

2021-10-21 20:47:07
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Coverville 1375: The Paul Simon Cover Story III

2021-10-14 20:55:41
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Coverville 1374: Cover Stories for John Mellencamp, Bob Geldof and Chrissie Hynde

2021-10-07 21:11:24
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Coverville 1373: The Sting and The Police Cover Story IV

2021-09-30 21:08:48
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