In Our Time

History is an interesting subject, to a chosen few that is.

If you’ve survived history classes without ever once dozing off, you’re a legend!

That’s probably why some people’s knowledge on the subject is limited to what they’ve seen in historical films. Movies, apparently present history more creatively, therefore, holding most people’s attention.

But as you know, these adaptations aren’t so reliable fact-wise, since details might have either been changed or added for dramatic effects.

But if you want the real thing from the experts and BBC-quality discussions, check out this podcast. (And also if you’re trying to fall asleep.)

Listen to a drab discussion of history – no background music, no dramatic effects – just a bunch of smart people talking about the history of freaking ideas!

As of June 2018, the podcast has attracted over two million weekly listeners, so it’s pretty big.

Hosted by Melvyn Bragg, this brilliant podcast has the potential to educate… and sedate.

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