Meditation Station

I stumbled across this podcast when I was searching for relaxing audio clips to help me sleep at night.

I actually have an app on my phone that gives this combination of white noise, soft music and nature sounds that you can customize.

These ASMR sounds supposedly aid you to fall asleep faster. But on sometimes, it doesn’t help.

My mind still wanders off and thoughts bounce erratically around the walls of my head like sugar-rushed tots. I toss and turn miserably and wait for sleep to find me and it feels like forever.

One night, I found this recording on Meditation Station entitled Faster Better Sleep.

I thought I’d give it a shot and my, oh my, the experience was divine!

It didn’t just lull me to sleep, it “prepared” me to sleep well.

You know I’m quite a fussy sleeper. I couldn’t sleep at all without a bath. So whether it’s six in the evening or three in the morning, a bath is non-negotiable before bed.

It also bothers me a lot if my pillow is positioned at a wrong angle, so it needs to be fixed – again and again – until it’s “right.”

If there are folds in the sheets underneath, they better be smoothed out. My hair needs to be laid away from my neck and face, and I need to be on my left side.

All these preparations should be done before I am finally ready to retire. I know it’s silly, but that’s me.

Then I realized that if I needed so many physical preparations to help my body finally relax, what more with my restless mind?

I figured that suddenly feeling itchy all over, or needing to pee (after going a minute ago) right when I’m about to sleep, might just be all in my head.

My mind is active, making me feel all these superficial sensations, keeping me awake. Sleeping feels like another huge task.

As a mom, have you ever felt like you’re not getting the rest you deserve?

You’re so tired you think you could sleep for a year, yet as soon as your head hits the pillow, sleep evades you.

You start thinking about tomorrow’s deadline, your kid’s birthday party, and that promotion your husband’s been chasing after.

And all these thoughts seem to scream at you – all at the same time – when all you want to do is sleep!

If so, believe me, you badly need this stuff.

Stin Hansen, the voice behind Meditation Station, has degrees in Psychology and Philosophy.

She is a meditation coach and has trained thousands in the meditation and mindfulness techniques.

She has a powerful way of helping you control your thoughts and quiet your mind.

Exploring her program, I found out later that her podcast isn’t just all about helping you catch more Zs but it’s also about restoring and maintaining your total health and wellness.

She also has meditations to help you deal with emotional hang-ups.

Her podcast helps even with common negative feelings like pain, anger, anxiety, regret, or shame. Or you can just have it handy after a long tiring day.

I believe it’s a must-have for all moms.

It’s a wonderful thing to allow yourself to calm your “amygdala” and soothe your mind. You’ll be surprised what meditation can do to your body and productivity.

I can’t emphasize enough how amazing it is. It’s just the perfect tool to start and end your day with.

“Meditation will allow you to step back and become more of a witness to your thoughts instead of being bombarded by them. Think of it as a makeover for your mind.“ -PlayerFM on Meditation Station

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