Quirks and Quarks

Quirks and Quarks have been in the radio waves since October 8, 1975.

It started out as purely a science news program on CBC Radio One.

In 2005, the show became the first major show from Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to be available in podcast form.

Today the show is hosted by Bob McDonald who makes conversations with scientists from different parts of the world. The show focuses on topics about science, medicine, environment and technology.

If you’re in for some serious listening about any stuff related to science, this podcast show will be worth your time. What it lacks in humor and fun that are present in other podcast shows, it makes up for in substance.

When it comes to content and reliability of sources, this show is a champion.

latest episodes

Xenobot self-replication, red light for declining vision, water from the solar wind, exploring the mind-body link, and Deaf in science: beyond the range of hearing

2021-12-03 05:10:00
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Snapping science, male pregnant seahorse placentas, astronauts in Labrador, slacklining, skateboarding robot, aerosol COVID and Maori soot in Antarctica

2021-11-26 05:10:00
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Finding the COVID resistors, Herzberg gold medal winner, green glitter, smashing an asteroid, why we have ‘Useful Delusions,’ and mosquito size questions

2021-11-19 05:10:00
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Vaccine prevents cervical cancer, Atacama comet evidence, bees sound the alarm, cane toad cannibalism and 100th anniversary of insulin.

2021-11-12 05:10:00
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Whale appetites feed ocean ecosystems, water vapour and climate change, sabre-tooth sociability, shedding light on bioluminescence

2021-11-05 04:10:00
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Black spruce and the boreal forest, mystery mummies from china, going deep on the great red spot, ants with metal mandibles and Andrew Weaver, political scientist, on COP26

2021-10-29 04:10:00
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Vikings in Newfoundland, new rocks from the moon, making wood better, LED streetlights suppress caterpillars, milk and migration and when humans improved the horse.

2021-10-22 04:10:00
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Fecal transplants a fountain of youth, supernova on repeat, bee dancing reveals foraging habits, tracking narwhal by their ‘fluke-prints,’ and how forgetting benefits the mind

2021-10-15 04:10:00
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Nobel prize winners in physics and chemistry, a super hot planet with calcium wind, burying CO2 in the deep sea, a sunscreen for the Great Barrier reef and walking water bears.

2021-10-08 04:10:00
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Indigenous archeology and unmarked graves, footprints of first peoples, laser cooked food, monkeys choke under pressure, vampire bats meet for a drink and spider learning

2021-10-01 04:10:00
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Introducing: Unlocking the Fountain

2021-09-28 14:40:00
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Bronze age town destroyed by meteor, global warming makes animals shapeshift, flying microchips, COVID vaccines for kids, and watching out for new COVID variants

2021-09-24 04:10:00
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The election and post-COVID science, toilet-training cattle, Prehistoric leather making tools and how galactic spiral arms feed black holes.

2021-09-17 04:10:00
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See what these Canadian researchers were doing during their summer of Science

2021-09-10 04:10:00
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Quirks & Quarks is on hiatus for the summer. We'll be back with new content Sept. 11

2021-07-02 04:10:00
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Quirks & Quarks listener question show

2021-06-25 04:10:00
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Fish out of water get smarter, a star’s disappearing act, echidna’s 4 headed penis, sponges get a move on and the multi-generational impacts of DDT

2021-06-18 04:10:00
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Missions to Venus, learning instant replay, wrens spectacular duet, puppies born for communication, the bubble behind the vaccines and great ape blood groups

2021-06-11 04:10:00
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