The Indoor Kids

Indoor Kids is basically a podcast that not only talks about video games.

Discussions about indulging in things that prevent a person from going outdoors are also tackled every now and then.

So, talks about books, movies, TV shows and other hobbies that are done indoors also happen in their show.

The show is hosted by husband and wife team Emily Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani.

Guests will be asked about their earliest experiences in playing video games. Of course, discussion also revolves around the games that they love to play at present.

Some of the show’s episodes are also recorded with a live audience.

There are also times when they talk about anything related to nerd culture.

Check out some of their best episodes:

8 Bit Hero with Brent Weinbach

The Inevitability of Change with Gerry Duggan

The Power of the Chip with Professor Shyguy

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