This Week in Google

The hosts of This Week in Google are some extremely busy people. They must be.

Every Wednesday, they release a new 2-hour episode. Whoever had to do even a 30-minute presentation at work knows how much effort a show like that can take.

In this tech podcast, Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham and their guests discuss the latest Google and cloud computing news.

And they really take their time doing that. I’ve never seen podcast hosts be that thorough.

Undoubtedly worth the respect.

latest episodes

TWiG 646: The Opposite of Long Covid - Web3, Google vs. Sonos, Samsung no-shows, worst of CES, Google Ripple

2022-01-13 03:51:56
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TWiG 645: I Will Retaliate At A Later Date - CES 2022, Ancillary Copyright, Elizabeth Holmes, Huey Lewis

2022-01-06 04:15:25
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TWiG 644: The Year's Best - The Best TWiG Moments of the Year!

2021-12-29 17:01:00
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TWiG 643: The Verdant Lady - Dorsey's anti-Web3 post, Reddit IPO, what Google killed in 2021, Pixel 6 update

2021-12-23 03:31:15
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TWiG 642: A Clattering of Smart Phones - Log4Shell, Assange extradition, person of the year, Meta naming rights

2021-12-16 05:30:22
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TWiG 641: Don't Touch My Fun Noodle! - Year in search, chronological Instagram, YouTube transparency report

2021-12-09 06:11:23
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TWiG 640: That Bret Taylor? - Dorsey leaves Twitter, Square becomes Block, Don't Be Evil lawsuit, Jim Warren

2021-12-02 04:35:47
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TWiG 639: The Turducken of Cakes - Investing in creators vs. debt, Wirecutter boycott, end of call to cancel

2021-11-25 03:00:27
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TWiG 638: Princess Floppy Wrists - Pixel 6 debate, Icelandverse, Apple self-repair program, investing in people

2021-11-18 04:37:45
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TWiG 637: Private Socks - Twitter Blue, Amazon's distopian holiday ad, Google's big EU fine, "on background"

2021-11-11 05:11:43
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