Top 4 Podcasts for Busy Moms

You’ll never know how much spare time you’ve had until you become a mother.

Looking back you’d probably say to yourself, “and I thought I was ‘busy’ then.”

You had no idea how that word could have degrees and how it could stretch itself out into unimaginable dimensions; it literally defines every minute of your new life now!

Welcome to motherhood.

Yes, being married or living with someone brings in new responsibilities and tasks. But nothing much changes when it comes to your schedule.

However, things drastically change when you become a mom – a parent.

You’re going to have to play another role – a very important one. And apart from the anxiety that comes with first-time moms, also come the overwhelming tasks that accompany motherhood.

For all these roles – wife/partner, homemaker/career or businesswoman, and mom – you guessed it, you’ve only got the same number of hours in a day!

You realize that you hardly even have time to listen to your favorite podcasts anymore!

Or if you’re new to this stuff, what does it matter since you barely even have an hour to spare every day? How would you squeeze it in your fully packed day?

Not to worry.

Here’s a short list of excellent mom-friendly podcasts you can listen to in less than an hour.


Admit it, parenting is probably the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

And it doesn’t help that people love to judge.

Sometimes, they even want to do your parenting for you! Then again, everyone else is an expert when it comes to other people’s children.

Listening to parenting advice from serious professionals “high up” in the field is great and enriching.

But many moms feel like sh*t afterwards. Why?

Simply because it gets rubbed in their face how they haven’t done enough. Or because all they hear is what they’ve been doing wrong.

After a hard day of taking care of your family, feeling inadequate is probably the last thing you’d want to feel.

Relax. Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase get it!

These cool moms of three and four respectively, are behind the revolutionary Cool Mom Picks website that took off back in 2006. And clearly, as the name implies, they’re cool and real moms like you!

Their talent for curating practical ideas related to parenting – from making gift guides to ideas about food and drink – boosted them to popularity.

Their light and funny approach towards motherhood has gained them appearances on shows like TODAY Show, Martha Stewart and The Meredith Vieira Show.

And of course, they also came up with this cool podcast about modern parenting especially for you – Spawned.

The title gives it away. It’s definitely funny and you’ll surely have a good laugh.

It’s informative in a non-preachy way. And mind you, Spawned won the 2016 Iris Awards for Best Parenting Podcast.

Needless to say, Liz and Kristen are not the types to be all judgy and frown at you when you ignore your kids.

In fact, one classic podcast episode of Spawned is entitled, “Why it’s good to ignore your kids sometimes. Yes, really.”

They also invite experts to the show to make the talks even more interesting.

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I’ve said a whole lot about Spawned because that podcast is enough to cover almost all the areas involved in being a mom.

The infant to teenage saga is quite covered – from clothing to school stuff, and everything else in between – practically what every mom needs to know.

Girlboss podcast is when you want to take a break from it all and channel your mind to just being you – the strong and powerful woman, or should I say, the boss inside of you.

It’s so easy to forget your identity and get lost in the role, that sometimes you can no longer identify yourself apart from your role as a mother.

But before you are a mom, you are a woman first.

This is my go-to podcast when I need a little bit of inspiration and some girl power.

Host and American entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso talks to the most successful and influential women of our age.

Exceptional women who have become masters of their trade share ideas, success stories and the real struggles before reaching the top.

Top-notch women celebrities, athletes, designers, and entrepreneurs – you name it.

Get tips from extraordinary and fearless women – it’s empowering.

Thinking of starting a business? Need a boost?

Get priceless insights or the push you just might need here.

Make Girlboss a habit and be your own boss.

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“Mothers are the members of society who need to be given the most permission to be able to do the things that ignite their own souls.”

Above is a quote by Elizabeth “Liz” Gilbert. She’s the author of Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, and host of Magic Lessons podcast.

Magic Lessons is easily one of the best podcasts for moms.

At the beginning of every episode, Liz beautifully talks about what “magic lessons” mean to her, “the extra nudge we need when we’re feeling stuck in our creative lives.”

It’s amazing how this podcast enlightens listeners and makes them aware of the importance of creativity and engaging in it, and how “malignant” it is not to.

It talks about fear being the primary hindrance to creative work and discusses procrastination and perfectionism as being forms of fear.

Who knew, right?

Anyway, Dr. Brene Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston and author of four No.1 New York Times Bestsellers, was on the show.

She’s an expert on issues about fear and vulnerability – her TED Talk making it to the top 5 most viewed with over 30 million views!

I can’t seem to stop quoting verbatim because there’s just a lot of meaty stuff here.

So here’s what Dr. Brown said on the show, “If you ask me now what creativity is, it is, for me, the way I share my soul with the world. And without it, I am not okay. And without having access to everyone else’s, we are not okay.”

Nothing could be truer.

People forget how essential creativity is to human life – to the human soul – to moms!

Listening to this podcast gave me that desire to actually start writing whatever it is that I’ve been putting off for weeks now. So, thanks Magic Lessons!

It’s definitely food for the soul and fuel for your hidden or forgotten passions.

Before you turn away and claim that you have no creative bone in your body, research has already proven you wrong.

There’s no such thing as a non-creative person. Everyone has creativity in them; you just need to put it to use.

And yes, I shamelessly got that from the podcast as well.

So moms, tap into your inner creativity today and don’t lose your sanity! Learn how with this podcast.

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I stumbled across this podcast when I was searching for relaxing audio clips to help me sleep at night.

I actually have an app on my phone that gives this combination of white noise, soft music and nature sounds that you can customize.

These ASMR sounds supposedly aid you to fall asleep faster. But on sometimes, it doesn’t help.

My mind still wanders off and thoughts bounce erratically around the walls of my head like sugar-rushed tots. I toss and turn miserably and wait for sleep to find me and it feels like forever.

One night, I found this recording on Meditation Station entitled Faster Better Sleep.

I thought I’d give it a shot and my, oh my, the experience was divine!

It didn’t just lull me to sleep, it “prepared” me to sleep well.

You know I’m quite a fussy sleeper. I couldn’t sleep at all without a bath. So whether it’s six in the evening or three in the morning, a bath is non-negotiable before bed.

It also bothers me a lot if my pillow is positioned at a wrong angle, so it needs to be fixed – again and again – until it’s “right.”

If there are folds in the sheets underneath, they better be smoothed out. My hair needs to be laid away from my neck and face, and I need to be on my left side.

All these preparations should be done before I am finally ready to retire. I know it’s silly, but that’s me.

Then I realized that if I needed so many physical preparations to help my body finally relax, what more with my restless mind?

I figured that suddenly feeling itchy all over, or needing to pee (after going a minute ago) right when I’m about to sleep, might just be all in my head.

My mind is active, making me feel all these superficial sensations, keeping me awake. Sleeping feels like another huge task.

As a mom, have you ever felt like you’re not getting the rest you deserve?

You’re so tired you think you could sleep for a year, yet as soon as your head hits the pillow, sleep evades you.

You start thinking about tomorrow’s deadline, your kid’s birthday party, and that promotion your husband’s been chasing after.

And all these thoughts seem to scream at you – all at the same time – when all you want to do is sleep!

If so, believe me, you badly need this stuff.

Stin Hansen, the voice behind Meditation Station, has degrees in Psychology and Philosophy.

She is a meditation coach and has trained thousands in the meditation and mindfulness techniques.

She has a powerful way of helping you control your thoughts and quiet your mind.

Exploring her program, I found out later that her podcast isn’t just all about helping you catch more Zs but it’s also about restoring and maintaining your total health and wellness.

She also has meditations to help you deal with emotional hang-ups.

Her podcast helps even with common negative feelings like pain, anger, anxiety, regret, or shame. Or you can just have it handy after a long tiring day.

I believe it’s a must-have for all moms.

It’s a wonderful thing to allow yourself to calm your “amygdala” and soothe your mind. You’ll be surprised what meditation can do to your body and productivity.

I can’t emphasize enough how amazing it is. It’s just the perfect tool to start and end your day with.

“Meditation will allow you to step back and become more of a witness to your thoughts instead of being bombarded by them. Think of it as a makeover for your mind.“ -PlayerFM on Meditation Station

Learn more about Stin Hansen and her program here:

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I guess by now you should have realized that there’s no such thing as an “un-busy” mom.

All moms are busy in one way or another.

For working moms, there’s work. For stay-at-home moms, there’s the home.

For most moms, there’s that husband/partner that’s actually more like another full-grown kid. For single moms, double everything.

And to all the moms, you’re awesome!

Don’t be mean and deprive yourself of a little ME-time. You deserve it.

Make it a habit to learn, laugh, rant and listen to other moms rant because it’s truly satisfying.

You don’t need to take everything too seriously all the time – even parenting – or you’ll lose it.

Remember to stay in touch with your powerful self. Engage in your passions or discover new ones.

And most important of all, don’t forget to pause for a while.

Take a break, listen to a podcast.

The world will thank you for it.