Top 17 Podcasts for Men

As a guy, what makes you tick?

The outdoors? Cars?

Are you a health nut or a techie? Need some expert advice on clothing, etiquette or money?

Or you’re probably just looking for a good laugh or some insight. Come hang out with guys talking guy stuff!

I’ve picked out 17 podcasts with the most stereotypical stuff for men specially for you.

You want practical. You want straightforward. And of course, beer.

Ugh. Men are so predictable.

Here you go.


Richie Frieman offers a ton of quick how-tos and modern etiquette advice.

So if you’ve got 10 minutes, you might learn a thing or two about proper manners in today’s world.

He gives a lot of useful tips for the modern guy.

When you’re not sure how to react or behave in a certain situation, he’ll have the answers.

How to handle your close friends dating? How to handle getting pulled over for overspeeding?

Trust me, some topics are as silly as, “How to excuse yourself when nature calls.”

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We cope well with a lot of things, but when it comes to managing finances, face it – most of us suck.

The Wall Street Journal had conducted a survey about how much the average person learns about money in their lifetime. The answer – not much.

Every day we deal with money – earning, borrowing, spending, investing it or everything all together. And we go through life assuming we know what we’re doing with it. But do we really?

Former financial adviser and host Joe Saul-Sehy and OG, will walk you through money matters breezily.

They invite experts on the show and converse lightly around topics such as opportunity vs. sunken costs, tax, etc.

I love how this show doesn’t make financial advice sound boring. It’s like taking a crash course on money and everything around it.

It’s a great listen for guys who are clueless about what to do with their cash.

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Think your wardrobe needs some upgrading?

Believe it or not, a lot of guys dress like how their fathers did 20 years ago.

Others are just stuck in the same style that might have worked 10 years back, thinking no one notices.

And maybe that’s okay if you want to be that – unnoticed and invisible.

Tanner Guzy, founder and host of Masculine Style explains how dressing well impacts so many areas of your life – personal, social and professional.

This style guru has some brilliant ideas that could help you pick your own style – one that would work for you.

It’s not at all about dogging the newest trends, rather it’s “moving with the current.” The idea is to not get frozen in a lake.

How should you dress up if you want to belong in a certain crowd and command respect?

One topic I found really interesting: Why men shouldn’t dress to impress the ladies.

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Upwire is a motivational podcast that uses neuroscience to “unlock your true potential” for life and work by “hacking human nature.”

Neuroscientist and New York Times bestselling author Robert Cooper hosts this podcast and teaches you how to best harness your brain to achieve more in life.

On one episode, he talks about the other kind of “nerve,” the one that goes with courage that enables people to do the impossible.

He cites his own experience as a child and how his grandfather had pushed him to be stronger than he thought he was.

It’s a brief 10-20 minute mental coaching session guys could use that’s both practical and inspiring.

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Beer-lovers and home brewers, you’ve come to the right place!

James Spencer and Steve Wilkes will walk you through everything beer and home brewing.

With over 150 beer styles available in the US today, craft beer is a growing industry and attracting more hobbyists than ever.

Get to know people who are into the craft and learn different ways of brewing.

Watch the guys experiment and see the results.

Discover the hundreds of ways you can make your own beer!

From non-alcoholic home brews to sake-beer hybrids, it’ll be fun.

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If you’re a “mature” gamer, crazy about the latest games, yet sane enough to keep a job and pay your bills, then this is your club.

It’s stimulating to finally listen to fun and like-minded folks discuss the latest news and issues in the gaming world.

Gamers With Jobs podcast is as much a community as it is a gamers’ lair.

It all started with gamers Shawn Andrich and Sean Sands as a news site with a forum.

As you tune in, you’ll notice that there are no ads on the podcast because it’s been community funded and run by volunteers for around 11 years now.

Pretty awesome, huh? Check it out.

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These are for fans of the full-contact combat sport.

If you watch a lot of MMA and know the guys in the game, you’d be tuning in to this podcast.

You’ll hear updates, details, and commentaries about the latest fights.

You’ll also be listening to interviews with coaches and fighters sharing how they went about their successes or losses in the cage.

Since June 2018, The MMA Hour podcast has welcomed Luke Thomas to host the weekly show, which was formerly hosted by Ariel Helwani.

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If you’re more of a health buff and care less about other things, check out TED Talks Health podcast.

It’s teeming with fresh ideas that you can apply in your journey to fitness.

There’s always something new to learn or a new idea to ponder on.

Matthias Mullenbeck’s talk for instance, got me thinking about our healthcare system.

What if, indeed, we incentivized doctors to keep us healthy instead of paying them only for their services when we’re already sick?

Would this new approach bring changes to the way doctors, hospitals and pharma companies deal with their clients?

That’s probably the day when you’ll see doctors put more emphasis on the importance of eating right and doing your regular exercise, rather than scribbling down one medical procedure/prescription after the other.

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This is another health podcast for all you health freaks out there.

It’s great when you’re committed to your health and even better to listen to a podcast having the same goals.

Author and host Mark Sisson aims to help you “live awesome” through his book and podcast. Sisson was a former elite endurance athlete and swears owing his excellent health on Keto diet.

So if you want to learn more about our ancestors’ primal diet, ketosis, fasting and a low-carb high-fat intake, take a listen.

Nutritionists, doctors and successful advocates of the Keto diet are mostly the people he gets on the show.

Get ready to throw those carbs out of the window, or not.

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Have you ever had fantasies of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere having nothing with you but a knife or something like it?

Or imagined being all Hazen Audel roughing it with superior survival skills – minus the camera guy tagging along to make it more legit?

If your idea of fun is learning about survival strategies – from wilderness, military, to modern-day survival tricks – it’s all here.

Be up to date and learn tactics and preps you can do.

Who knows, one of these days the need for these practical skills might arise, and your fantasies might actually come true.

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I love how Mind Pump exposes tons of fitness bull that are so hot in the market today. Marketed by fitness professionals, models, and body builders with a little bit of pseudoscience, it sells!

Co-hosts Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer and Justin Andrews take a look at these buzzing programs and diet plans and present them for what they really are.

They try it for themselves and discuss the pros, cons, and half truths about these programs.

With over 40 years of combined experience in the fitness industry, no bogus escapes their wit.

Still on that trending diet program that’s flushing down your money faster than it’s doing for that extra fat? Think again.

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Co-hosts, Zach Davis and Juliana Chauncey talk about everything backpacking and hiking.

If you’re all about the outdoors and backpacking adventures, you’ll get a lot of helpful info on this podcast.

Backpacker Radio doesn’t just talk about the bliss of backpacking, but also the painful realities on the trail – dehydration, getting sick, and injuries – and how to deal with them.

So before mounting on that hiking trip to the Pacific Crest or further into the Himalayas, do take a listen.

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Candid, funny and no BS. Marc Maron’s smooth straightforwardness and humor capture the hearts of listeners and guests alike.

Laugh out loud or stupidly smile in public for a good reason.

In 2014, WTF with Marc Maron was listed #1 on Rolling Stone’s list of 20 Best Comedy Podcasts Right Now.

This critically-acclaimed comedy podcast is your required daily dose of laughter.

So guys, if you’re still not listening to this, WTF is wrong with you?

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Who doesn’t love baseball? No one.

Come on, everybody loves baseball!

Assuming you don’t – you’re welcome to skip this one.

Assuming you do – commentaries, highlights, and breaking down the world of baseball – Baseball Tonight is always updated.

Buster Olney talks to ESPN sports analysts and gets all the news, top stories, and players in MLB.

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This multi-billion internet giant always has something new brewing around the corner.

Leo Laporte, Gina Trapani and Jeff Jarvis update you on the latest news from Google – new technology, the latest gadgets, and controversies.

This bunch of enthusiastic tech experts won’t leave you in the dark in this fast changing world of innovation and technology. Stay abreast of the latest tech developments easily.

Now you don’t even need to “google” what’s going on in Google.

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Are you one of them big boys who loves their toys?

Or are you dreaming about getting your hands on those wicked wheels?

Matt Farah, Zack Klapman, Chris Hayes, and Thad Brown are a merry bunch who will take you to the world of cars.

They talk with celebrities, comedians, Hollywood stunt drivers, and people who have a say about the automotive industry.

They also talk about test-driving experiences, make fun of each other and talk some more about cars.

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“If life is about finding who you are and seeking your treasure, then hunting is one of life’s greatest teachers,” says host Cody Rich.

Rich is an adventurer and hunter who claims that elk hunting is his obsession.

If hunting is your passion or a thing that sparks your interest, then tune in.

This is basically Hunting 101, aimed to help hunters become better – whether for subsistence hunting or sport.

Straight from the hunting expert himself, he shares tips and strategies for your next adventure in the wild.

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With this collection of guy-friendly podcasts, I hope you have an awesome guy time.

And by now you should have realized that yes, women are always right, even about men.