best software to record and edit your podcasts

Top 12 Software to Record and Edit Your Podcasts

You’re all set to start your podcast.

You worked hard on your content.

And your calendar is now packed with guests lined up for their interviews.

Now you’re shopping around for some quality software to record and edit that precious work of yours.

Here are the top 12 software to get you started.

1. GarageBand (Mac)


GarageBand is easily the top pick for quick and easy recording software on your Apple machine.

Even though it’s absolutely free, its features don’t give that impression.

Because it’s hard to believe that something so useful could be yours for free.

This DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) has a solid and compact appearance. Equipped with an intuitive interface, it doesn’t take rocket science to record and put together your podcast.

The functionality is impressive, mostly achieved with a simple drag and drop action.

Color-coded tracks, an inbuilt composer with VST and VSTi elements, transform pad and session drummer – it’s all here.

All these features will give you the breeziest recording and editing experience ever.

Use it on almost all Apple devices with ease. It’s highly optimized and runs smoothly.

If you find yourself needing to work on the fly, GarageBand is the lifeline on your iPhone or iPad.

Simple, practical, and easy, that’s kind of GarageBand’s recipe.

2. Audacity (Mac and PC) 


This software has the audacity to work across all operating systems for free!

Yes, this software has some guts. That’s why it made it to this list.

Don’t be intimidated by the full interface.

Though there very well may be a learning curve for operating Audacity, once you get the hang of it, you’re set.

For me, a 13-minute video tutorial did the trick and gave me that “aha moment.”

It’s a great tool for creating your podcast as it allows you basic recording and editing features.

Record, compress and level sounds, insert music, and split tracks and move them around.

Or if you’re feeling a bit more creative, use the awesome envelope tool to adjust volume in a more visual way.

Play around with a ton of effects and features.

It’s actually not that hard once you get into it. And it will be rewarding once you listen to the end result.

It gets regular updates so it should work well with your Mac or PC.

3. Adobe Audition (Mac and PC)

adobe audition

Adobe Audition is a professional-level digital audio workstation.

It’s the king of kings in podcast recording and editing.

The arsenal of features, options, and functions is inexhaustible. There are just so many ways you can tweak your recording into how you want it to be.

The possibilities are endless.

What’s awesome about this software is that all these mega features are neatly tucked and intelligently placed. So the layout appears clean.

You can further customize it into what works best for you.

If you’re still not impressed by its multitrack recording and editing capabilities, read on.

Adobe Audition has the best restoration and repair features too.

If you have an old audio file plagued with hums, hisses, and cracks, this software is the miracle cure. It removes all that noise and works like magic.

Don’t miss out on effects like delays, distortion and reverbs.

Another must-try feature is the batch-processing tab.

This can save you hours by applying the same desired processes to different sets of files. Just a few clicks and you’re good to go.

Finally, what you’d want to know is the pricing. With all these grand features, it must come at a considerable cost.

And that’s $19.99 monthly if you choose to get a full year’s subscription. But if you’re not sure, you can do a monthly subscription for $29.99.

If you’re already a fan of Adobe apps, you might as well consider getting the All Apps Creative Cloud subscription.

Get access to Audition, Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, and more for $49.99 monthly on a yearly plan.

I wouldn’t recommend getting a monthly subscription for $74.99, though. That’s a little too hefty for beginners if you ask me.

4. Mixcraft 8 (Mac and PC)


mixcraft 8

If it’s primarily for complex musical recording and editing, it could very well work for your podcast!

Especially if you’re planning a Radiolab-style kind of podcast. If you’d like to incorporate a lot of sound art and musical elements for effect into your podcast, this would be it.

Acoustica, the developers of Mixcraft have come up with this new upgrade.

The software boasts a “lightning-fast sound engine.” It provides support for VST3 plugins and MP4 video which a lot of other DAWs are still lacking.

Get overwhelmed by the vast collection of royalty-free and studio-quality loops in the Song Kits.

Mixcraft 8 has made it super easy to make music tracks for your intros, outros or background music.

With over $1250 worth of extra plug-ins, Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio is totally worth the investment. It’s all yours for a discounted price of $99 only.

A cheaper version is the Mixcraft 8 Recording Studio which has all the essentials for only $49.

What I love about this software is the “no monthly subscriptions.” Though you can also pay the fee in monthly installments if you don’t want to shell out too much too soon.

But once you buy it, that’s it.

With all the editing and recording functions, it’s your all-around professional recording tool.

5. Logic Pro (Mac)

logic pro

Logic Pro was created back in the early 90’s as Notator Logic by a German developer C-Lab, later Emagic.

In 2002 Apple acquired Emagic and the software became Logic Pro.

It became the second most popular DAW in 2015.

If you’re on a Mac, this is another alternative to go for.

Logic Pro gives you all the recording facilities you’d need.

Complete with software instruments and audio effects, you can get a lot of stuff done with this tool.

Logic Pro supports royalty-free Apple Loops. It can also handle multichannel surround sound and up to a staggering 255 tracks!

You can also do advanced MIDI editing through the MIDI Transform Window.

It has the full features of a professional audio recording and editing program.

Another cool thing is if you have GarageBand files, you can easily access it in Logic Pro.

Link it to your iPhone or iPad and access your files on the go. For a one-time payment of $200, it’s yours.

6. Hindenburg Journalist (Mac and PC)

hindenburg journalist

This software is tailor-made for podcasters, radio journalists and audio producers.

It’s specially designed for speech and story-telling productions.

When it comes to easy and effortless audio recording and editing, Hindenburg takes the cake.

This multitrack audio editor does a fine job in recording interviews and incorporating sound and music.

Most of the editing is automatic. As soon as you import files or record, the software does its magic on the fly.

Another winning feature is the unique clipboard. It wipes out the pain of organizing.

Automated levels, EQ and loudness control are key features of this agile software.

Save time. Let the intelligent software do the leveling and compressing of your audio files.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t tweak it some more to your own standards.

Once you’re happy with the outcome, go ahead and publish your work.

It allows you to directly upload and share to Libsyn and SoundCloud. Own it for $95 and podcast away.

7. Ecamm for Skype (Mac)

ecamm for skype

Skype interviews have skyrocketed in popularity since the advent of video calling. Skype has made remote interviews more convenient.

But how do you record a Skype interview?

These are the additional software you can get. If you’re on Mac, I’d recommend Ecamm Call Recorder.

If your podcast is going to have a video version, you’d find it helpful to record Skype video sessions.

Get them in HD side-by-side and split-screen modes.

Convert calls into MP3 files or easily shareable videos for Vimeo and YouTube.

Having some trouble with one side of the conversation being too quiet or too loud? No problem.

You can split tracks after the Skype convo and adjust both ends of the call. It’s that flexible.

Get Ecamm for your Mac at $39.95.

8. Pamela for Skype (PC)


Pamela is the counterpart of Ecamm for PC users and boasts similar features.

You can avail of the Pamela free version for your PC with limited voice and video call recording time.

Get the full version of Pamela for unlimited recording at $16.67.   

9. Zencastr (Mac and PC)


Zencastr is an awesome VoIP recording software.

It allows you to record remote interviews without the use of third-party applications like Skype.

Say goodbye to Skype lags. All you need to do is send a link and you’ll get separate tracks per guest.

Get 8 hours of recording every month for free.

For a monthly fee of $20, you get unlimited recording time and an unlimited number of guests.

Check out Zencastr for studio-quality remote interviews.

10. Ringr (Mac and PC)


Ringr is another recording VoIP software.

It’s a paid software but a cheaper option to Zencastr.

It records excellent to studio-quality sounds and gives you unlimited calls and storage. All for a minimum cost of $7.99 monthly.

The upside of Ringr is that it records both ends of the conversation on each device. So you don’t have to worry about losing an interview in case the Internet messes up in the middle of the call.

At the end of the call, the high-quality recording is then uploaded to the Ringr cloud.

Ringr synchronizes the tracks and then you get a download link via email.

11. Auphonic (Mac and PC)


Once you’ve tried Auphonic, you’ll never go without it.

Think of it as the beauty filter to your selfies. It gets rid of unwanted rough spots and blemishes.

It adjusts lighting to give you that perfect insta-worthy image.

Only in the podcasting world, it’s the image of your podcast that’s on the line.

Auphonic is the smart filter for your production. It gets rid of unwanted cracks and hums.

It adjusts loudness to give you that perfect professional-quality podcasting sound.

The key features that make Auphonic a crackerjack of sorts are the Auphonic Leveler and the Auphonic Multitrack.

The leveler works as a smart audio balancing function. It analyzes and corrects sound volumes between speakers, music and other audio files.

The multitrack feature takes different audio tracks and processes them. Then it produces an ideal blend of the tracks.

Once your podcast is ready, you can connect it to platforms like YouTube, Libsyn or Facebook. No sweat!

The free version of Auphonic offers the processing of 2 hours of audio per month.

There are paid options depending on the length of your audio. You can opt for recurring monthly credits or one-time credits.

12. Music Radio Creative 

music radio creative

A podcast is not complete without the signature intro and outro music.

This handy tool has an Audio Creator that allows you to compose your own unique jingle online.

You can also choose from a range of different voices for professional voice-overs.

There’s more than just the audio elements.

Music Radio Creative can also do your full podcast audio branding. Plus the production of your podcast episodes.

As soon as you submit your order you’ll get instant pricing online.

So it really depends how much work you want to get done.

Now, what are you waiting for?

Start recording and editing your podcast today.

The whole world is waiting to hear from you – so make sure to sound awesome!

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