Top 17 Comedy Podcasts

Why would you want to listen to comedy podcasts?

It is the same as asking: Do you want to be sad or happy?

If you are like most people, you want to be happy.

So, how do I become happy, you then ask.


Listen to comedy podcasts, I then answer.

If you regularly listen to uplifting and funny podcasts, you will undoubtedly become happier yourself.

But, which comedy podcasts are ensured to give you a chuckle?

Duh, read my list below you silly cow.


The name of this comical podcast should tell you everything that you need to know to ensure that laughs are going to ensue.

The host Jamie Morton has just discovered that his father has a deep dark secret. And, that secret is writing erotica.

Of course, he is shocked by this revelation, but he has decided to broadcast it to the world along with his two friends James Cooper and Alice Levine. James and Alice make a great addition to the show, as they comical deconstruct what happens in every single chapter of the book.

How can you not laugh when a child is awkwardly confronted with the harsh sexual fantasies of one of his parents?

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The entertainment industry is already packed with plenty of gut-busting roll-on-the-floor laughing stories.

However, when they are told through the hilarity of journalist Ira Madison III, they are even all the more hilarious. And, this is just one of the reasons that you check out Keep It.

The other two are Kara Brown and Louis Virtel who are occasional guests on the show and the three individuals have a chemistry that just cannot be matched.

You will laugh out loud as the three personalities break down the top stories surrounding the entertainment industry. The hosts are brutally honest and hilarious at the same time.

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You remember those popular Baby-Sitters Club books from the 80s and 90s right?

They are about a group of babysitters that are trying to earn some extra cash while dealing with the woes of young adulthood.

Well, if you want a hilarious take on the books, you should join hosts Jack Shepherd and Tanner Greenring on Baby-Sitters Club Club. Each week they read one of the classic novels and totally deconstruct it.

This might not sound funny, but it really is the hilarious and whacky theories of what the hosts speculate is really going on in the books that will throw you for a spin.

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When hasn’t life thrown you a curveball and left you reeling with grief and questions?

This is where Judge John Hodgman’s podcast can come in handy.

The comedian takes the daily grievances that burden your daily life and flips them into hilarity.

Whether you are trying to debate if you should let your kids get a dog or you are trying to decide if you should do meditation, Hodgman can deliver serious rulings that will ensue in ridiculous and hilarious debates that will leave you on the ground laughing.

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Politics is truly hilarious and disheartening at the same time.

While politicians make decisions that affect your everyday life, they do some genuinely horrifying things like getting caught in conspiracies and using drugs.

Well, there is nothing you can do but make light of these situations. Join Jon Lovett as he along with other comedians, journalists, and guests break down these insane political nightmares and turn them into gut-busting hilarity.

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Do you know that feeling when you are talking to your best friend in your room all alone?

You hold nothing back, as you are more comfortable with this person than anyone on earth. Well, that is precisely what you are going to get from The Read.

Lifelong friends Kid Fury and Crissle hold nothing back from each other or their listeners, as they discuss the hottest topics surrounding the pop culture industry.

There is even a hilarious section where the two offer their unique advice to random callers with real problems. These two talk straight and aren’t afraid to air it.

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Have you ever watched a movie and wondered how in the world did this even get made?

It is sad, but the real truth of what Hollywood has come to these days. Most movies nowadays are remakes of classics, comic book character after comic book character, or so-called comedy that just doesn’t even make sense.

Well, join June Raphael, Paul Scheer, and Jason Mantzoukas, as they rip these movies apart in a hilarious way.

The funniest and most ironic thing about the whole podcast is that the hosts are actors themselves. So, by all accounts, they are speaking from experience and actual knowledge.

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These days everything is all about fantasy leagues.

Everywhere you turn you can join a fantasy league for some kind of sport. Well, Ian Karmel puts his hilarious fantasy spin on pretty much everything.

He will literally take anything and turn it into a fantasy draft. Along with a rotating cast and plenty of laughs, this podcast will leave you laughing until a champion of the league is declared.

You’ll want to make sure that you tune in daily to check your hilarious fantasy stats.

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2 Dope Queens is recorded live, and the two hosts (Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams) discuss a wide range of topics.

They have a spectacular comical chemistry that will touch you right down to the core of your funny bone.

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Griffin, Travis and Justin McElroy, creators of My Brother, My Brother and Me, utilize a lot of creativity to make their listeners laugh.

In fact, they always begin the show by telling their listeners never to follow their advice. This warning is followed by a list of questions that come from Yahoo and listeners.

The brothers will answer each question to what they believe is the best of their ability. In the meantime, they unleash a variety of outrageous comments and jokes, in an effort to make their listeners laugh.

If you are looking for a few laughs and a little solid advice, be sure to check out this podcast.

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Creating a good podcast using improvised comedy can be very tough.

In fact, many will call it a gamble. Most will fail.

Hello From The Magic Tavern is one of those rare gems that have been able to pull it off successfully.

This podcast is hilarious.

It blends the lines between reality and fantasy. The podcast is hosted and produced by Arnie Niekamp. It is set in a fictional world in which a character has become trapped in a dimensional rift in Chicago.

The podcast is insanely funny and it’ll definitely keep you on your toes. The comedy podcast is well worth checking out.

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here is no doubt that racism is crude.

Nevertheless, it can also be pretty funny. Take this podcast as an example. It manages to take a dire subject and make it funny.

The podcast is based on the blog with the same name. In each episode, Andrew Ti provides listeners with a humorous take on racism. On top of that, the panel is always happy to answer questions submitted by the listeners.

They discuss the latest racial stories from recent times. While the podcast tackles a deep subject, the panel manages to make it hilarious. Who doesn’t love a racist joke from time to time?

Are you a closeted racist? One of the best ways to find out is by listening to this podcast.

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Who knew celebrities were intelligent?

Well, they are and this is evident when you sit down and listen to Anna Faris’s podcast. Anna Faris Is Unqualified is a great podcast that will keep you laughing for hours and hours.

She might have gone overboard recently, but this celebrity knows her comedy better than anyone else. The podcast features the celebrity providing listeners with advice. Most of the advice has to do with relationships.

It might sound like a silly concept, and it is. Nevertheless, Anna Faris is Unqualified and it is well worth checking out.

This podcast will give you a good tickle.

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There is some pretty crazy stuff out there on the Internet.

That is no secret. How would you like to delve into some of those intense subjects? Wouldn’t you like to learn more about furries and aliens? How would you like to explore the theme of professional cuddling or ASMR?

If you want to take a walk on the wild side of the Internet, you’ll want to check out 2 Girls 1 Podcast. The podcast features Jen Jamula and Allison Goldberg. Each episode, they’re going to walk you through a crazy Internet subject. Some of the conversations can get pretty sickening, but they’re always funny.

On top of that, the podcast is a tad bit educational. It is well worth checking out when you have a little freedom. Just make sure that you’ve already had lunch. Otherwise, you might just spew on your keyboard.

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In recent times, there has been a lot of debate about feminism.

While it is generally okay for guys to sleep with lots of women, the opposite is not true. In fact, women tend to receive a lot of criticism when they sleep with multiple men. Isn’t it time that this attitude changed? Shouldn’t women be able to enjoy the same pleasures as men?

If you think the answer is yes, you’ll love this podcast featuring Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher. This podcast focuses primarily on sex. However, it doesn’t try to be sexy. Instead, it is pretty comical.

These two ladies have spoken about various subjects, including BDSM, penis size, and even eating disorders. They do so with a humorous tone. The podcast is great for those sick and tired of shaming loose women.

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Don’t you just hate the sensitivity associated with sexual issues?

It seems like everyone takes sexism and LGBTQ issues a little too serious. Well, you’ve got the perfect solution with Throwing Shade.

The podcast features Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi. It might tackle those tough issues, but it does so in a very funny and raunchy way. The podcast is enlightening and hilarious too. Plus, it is always great to listen to the two hosts crack up at one another.

Erin and Bryan will keep you entertained for hours on end. Be sure to catch up with it today! You will not be disappointed.

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Adam Carolla is a unique guy.

Some would call him a failure. Others would say that he has flown under the radar. Others think he is downright insane. That is what makes The Adam Carolla Show so great. It is completely unexpected.

After being a failure on L.A. radio, Carolla decided to create his own podcast and it has proven to be a fantastic success.

The show is entirely produced and recorded in the comfort of Carolla’s living room. Each episode features some comedian guest. Carolla was celebrated as a stage comedian, but his podcast is even better.

Even if you’ve never been a fan, you’ll want to check out the podcast. It surely won’t disappoint.

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