Top 17 Gaming Podcasts

Today, you will no longer find yourself asking “What to play”. But, rather you will just ask yourself “Where to start”.

There is a plethora of video games and the same is true with gaming podcasts.

To make it easier, we created a list of the Top 17 gaming podcasts for you to check out.

Get your headsets ready and indulge.


Let’s start the list with girl power.

What’s Good Games is a podcast hosted by four women.

This gives the gaming podcast industry a different twist as the show is powered by a team of four women.

Don’t worry guys, each of their episodes tackle topics that every gamer can definitely relate to.

The hosts of this show are Brittney Brombacher, Kristine Steimer, and Andrea Rene.

Women who prefer to be invisible in the masculine culture of video gaming must listen to What’s Good Games.

The show helps audience understand the broader changes that are taking place in the gaming industry. They also provide listeners with more information regarding specific details about a certain game series.

The informal atmosphere of the show does not make it all sound unprofessional. It is also highlighted with guests that are big names in game publishing.

Some episodes have significant guests from streaming platforms and news outlets.

To start, here are three of their best episodes.

Episode 68 : Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Reveal with Kahlief Adams – What’s Good Games

Episode 69 : Marvel’s Spider-Man Impressions and PAX West Recap – What’s Good Games

Episode 70: Tomb Raider, Destiny 2, and more w/ Blair Herter! – What’s Good Games

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Do you want to hear someone’s opinion of a specific game, from a philosopher’s point of view?

Check out this podcast.

The show is hosted by Trevor Strunk who is definitely not your ordinary podcaster. His show is filled with intellectual firepower as he conducts a critical analysis of video games.

Unlike any other critiques which focus mainly on video games as a kind of software, this show’s different. With No Cartridge, each chosen game is seen as a work of art.

Trevor criticizes every inch of it with much aplomb. It takes listeners down the road of gaming where nobody else has treaded before.

So, with each episode listeners are given the chance to look at a specific video game in a different light.

For Trevor Strunk, video games should not be perceived merely as gaming devices.

But, it should also be used as a tool to help people better understands this ever-changing world.

Here’s a few of their many best episodes:

Episode 66: “Let Me Buy A Silly Dance,” Microtransaction Talk with Peter @litescript

Episode 67: “The Final Goal” w/ Shenanigansen

Episode 75: “There Isn’t Always Tomorrow” w/Jason Rohrer!

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Sound of Play podcast is aimed at delving deeper into the music behind video games.

The show features a wide variety of music from their favorite video games.

It helps the audience better understand why such music is played in the background.

This podcast encourages you to pay attention to the background music of the video game you’re playing.

Sound of Play tackles not just the host’s favorite songs. The listeners will also be given the chance to share what’s their favorite music.

If there is a specific video game music that you’d like to be featured on the show, write it in their forum. Their forum website can be accessed through

You can check out the following episodes:

Sound of Play: 157 – The videogame music podcast

Sound of Play: 135 – The videogame music podcast

Sound of Play: 163 – The videogame music podcast

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With Giant Bombcast, your thirst for video game information will be quenched.

Add in the show’s entertaining atmosphere and you’re in for a really good treat!

The show is hosted by Jeff Gerstmann, Dan Ryckert, Drew Scanlon and Brad Shoemaker. These hosts have amazing chemistry despite their different personalities.

What makes The Giant Bombcast stand out is its superior sound quality, plus the host’s humor. Not to mention the wide breadth of information shared.

These are just two of the many things that make this entire podcast truly engaging.

Each weekly episode is three hours in length. But, since it’s packed with great content you’ll never notice how time swiftly flies.

Here are some of their episodes for you to check out:

Giant Bombcast 549: Reboot the Pearl!

Giant Bombcast 548: The Shush-Shush Lad

Giant Bombcast 547: Smash Bros. Tournament Hygiene

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Script Lock is certainly not just for writers.

If you love video games so much you want to know how their script was made, check out this podcast.

It is hosted by Max and Nick Folkman.

Script Lock features writers and developers making informal discussions on how stories are written and told in video games.

This podcast reveals the challenges that writers go through in trying to make stories work for video games.

The show is also packed with revelations about the technical and designing problems of a specific video game.

It also gives us a peek into the challenges that characters face when they have to be the one to write the story of the game itself.

All these and more in one podcast!

Episode 29: Kim Belair & Harrison G. Pink

Episode 32: Samantha Wallschlaeger & Brooke Maggs

Episode 34: Alex Neonakis & Olly Moss

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Do you feel like you’ve had enough of other gaming podcasts that talk about almost the same stuff?

Then, opt for 8-4 Play.

One fascinating fact about this podcast is that its creators moved to Japan to be able to make everything a reality. They moved to Japan, established a company that works to translate video games.

These video games were translated in order to cater to other countries that understand English but not Japanese.

The broadcasting for 8-4 Play emanates from their Japan offices.

The show is so unique in many ways.

It is hosted by Chris Ricciardi and Mark MacDonald. It gives listeners a deeper insight into Japanese games.

It reveals how the entire process of translating and bringing them into the western world can be very challenging.

Check out some of their best episodes:

June 1, 2018 Episode : Confidential Informants

July 20, 2018 Episode: Born This Way

August 17, 2018 Episode : Not Everyone Is Here

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Indoor Kids is basically a podcast that not only talks about video games.

Discussions about indulging in things that prevent a person from going outdoors are also tackled every now and then.

So, talks about books, movies, TV shows and other hobbies that are done indoors also happen in their show.

The show is hosted by husband and wife team Emily Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani.

Guests will be asked about their earliest experiences in playing video games. Of course, discussion also revolves around the games that they love to play at present.

Some of the show’s episodes are also recorded with a live audience.

There are also times when they talk about anything related to nerd culture.

Check out some of their best episodes:

8 Bit Hero with Brent Weinbach

The Inevitability of Change with Gerry Duggan

The Power of the Chip with Professor Shyguy

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The Game Informer Show possesses all the qualities that you’ve always wanted in a podcast.

It is hosted by Ben Hanson who is also the video producer for the show since 2010.

If you want to be always in the loop about the gaming industry, listen to this podcast.

The best thing about it is their amazing console coverage. So, if you’re a huge fan of Xbox and Playstation, add this podcast to your fave list.

In this podcast, the hosts share their impressions regarding the latest version of games like Call of Duty. You can also hear their guests talk about Insomniac’s Spider Man.

Add in their in-depth interviews with game developers and you’ll never be looking for any other gaming podcasts.

Check out some of their latest episodes:

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, Destiny 2: Forsaken, Spider-Man Game Club

Blackout Exclusive, Spider-Man, Strong Museum Of Play

Dragon Quest XI, Cyberpunk Reactions, Game Music Trivia

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If gaming makes you feel like you’re a child once again, it’s high time you check out Gamers with Jobs.

Seasoned gamers, check out this podcast!

Gamers with Jobs is a website that has been around for thirteen years. Gamers With Jobs has been hitting the airwaves every week for nine straight years now.

The show provides a very mature perspective about the world of gaming. It also gives listeners an insight to many things affecting the gaming industry.

One thing that you’ll surely like about the show is the fact that it’s devoid of any irrelevant side talks. Plus, the hosts’ fascination for retro style board games makes them sound like total hipsters.

But, it’s just one of the many things that make this podcast so unique and addictive!

Check out three of their most recent episodes:

GWJ Conference Call Episode 622

GWJ Conference Call Episode 621

Heroes of The Realm – Episode 20

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Some podcasts do come and go, but not this one.

GoNintendo has been around for more than ten years. In fact, it’s the longest running podcast dedicated solely for Nintendo fans.

And there was never a single week that they missed a podcast episode. This goes to say that you will never run out of new episodes to be excited about every week.

Listening to it is like being in a circle of your like-minded friends discussing about the latest in Nintendo.

In this podcast, you will also hear a lot about Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Wii, Gamecube, Micro, etc.

You’ll enjoy these things even more along with Kevin Cassidy’s hilarious way of hosting the show.

With just the right amount of goofiness mixed with deeper discussion, it’s guaranteed you’ll love each episode.

Click the following links to listen to their three most recent episodes.

Episode 683

Episode 682

Episode 681

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Idle Thumbs offers its listeners the most consistent and articulate discussion about video games.

One of the aims for this podcast is to be able to present varying perspectives on games.

They hope that these perspectives will reach not just the journalists but the developers as well. And use this information in creating better alternatives or in improving the games.

The creators of this podcast also encourage listeners to keep their critical faculties functioning in full throttle.

This constant improvement in their critical faculties will help them become more intelligent gamers.

Besides, some game developers also admitted to becoming better in what they do just by listening to this podcast.

This is because Idle Thumbs allows them to look at games in a much broader perspective.

Episode 318: Live in the Cloud Now

Episode 317: Press Start Go

Episode 314: Super Mario Mumblecore

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This podcast used to be part of Idle Thumbs a few years ago.

Three Moves Ahead is a weekly podcast which runs for more than six years now.

The good news is that the creators’ dedication to the show’s deeper analysis and more informed debate is unfading.

Its highlights include high profile guests who will share their knowledge about modern and classic strategy games. There will also be discussions about recurring mechanics and themes of selected strategy games.

Spoiler alert: The episodes can sometimes be too analytical as they will be discussing about the user interface, design elements, and strategy of a specific game. But, definitely the whole show is not boring.

You can expect for an expert discussion about the richest genres in the gaming industry.

These are three of their most recent podcast episodes:

Episode 445: Mark Herman’s Fort Sumter

Episode 444: Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

Episode 443: The Best RTS Comp Stomps

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The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast takes you to a fun and informative discussion about several topics.

This is a gaming show hosted by long-term RPG and board game fanatics.

The hosts are Steve Spang, Tony Topper, Jamie Keagy and Chris Miller.

It’s all about video and board games, card games, miniatures and other topics that most geeks can relate to.

These hosts will share to you how they store their miniatures or what their gaming space and gaming tables are like.

So, if you share the same enthusiasm for these things no doubt you’d love the show, too. No podcast can parallel to what this show has to offer in providing listeners a substantial info about tabletop gaming.

Each episode could be longer than expected but it’s certainly worth your time.

You’ll find yourself laughing and enlightened at the same time!

For starters, try listening to the following three episodes:

Express 41: Game Rooms and Storage and Organization of Your Collection

Express 37: Having and Managing a Game Collection

Express 36: Movies and Board Games with Similar Themes

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Avid fans of classic video games, this one’s for you!

Leisure times are best spent listening to the chronicles of your favorite retro games. This is true especially if you can’t just stop loving classic video games.

Don’t worry about running out of good episodes to check out. According to the hosts, as more games are newly created, it also means more games will turn out to be “retro” in the near future.

For a game to be considered retro, the show has set a cut-off line. If the game has existed for at least ten years, then it could already be considered as retro.

In Retronauts, every episode is crafted in a way that makes it truly gold in every aspect.

So, there is never a chance for it to lose their value as time goes by.

If you have time now, you might want to check out these episodes:

Retronauts Episode 88: Yoshi Games

Retronauts Episode 84: Wii

Retronauts Episode 79: 10 Shitty Years of Virtual Console

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A Life Well Wasted is another unique gaming podcast.

It won’t let you be a passive listener all the time.

The show allows you to activate your inner ability of critiquing video games.

In each episode, video games are dissected into their subtopics. They will then discuss how these subtopics contribute to the central theme of the game.

With this kind of information, listening to this podcast will indeed make your time well wasted.

Rest assured that the show is not just about mere comments and personal opinions.

Each episode is absolutely a very engaging and intellectual discussion of video games. The show may not have the most recent updates, but their old episodes are still evergreen.

Here are some of their best episodes:

Episode Three: Why Game?

Episode Six: Big Ideas

Episode Seven: Work

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If you aren’t sure how to spend well your weekends, let this podcast be part of it.

Weekend Confirmed guarantees you’ll find yourself wishing every day is a weekend.

This podcast will surely rival your most favorite radio station in terms of quality and substance.

It is hosted by Garnett Lee and Jeff Cannata.

Each episode is filled with good information about the greatest and newest games.

Weekend Confirmed also brings you news about upcoming titles, big releases and controversies related to the gaming industry.

The best thing about it is that this podcast tackles all video games across all platforms. In other words, this podcast offers you the best way to learn about the latest in the gaming world.

Weekend Confirmed – Ep. 201 – 01/24/2014

Weekend Confirmed – Ep. 194 – 12/06/2013

Weekend Confirmed – Ep. 199 – 01/10/2014

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One reason why this podcast makes it to this list is its uniqueness.

Waypoint Radio looks into the gaming culture with much brilliance and enthusiasm.

It allows its listeners to explore the realities of how and why people indulge in games.

This show definitely offers the kind of information that you can’t obtain just listening to the press or other media.

The show takes pride on providing a more thoughtful criticism that paves the way for investigative reporting. It looks into games in a way that listeners will realize that games are not just games per se.

They are part of people’s lives and thus must be given all these careful and wise attention.

Episode 174: Waypoint League

Episode 166: Sick of Civility

Episode 146: Making Your Own Fun Is Fun

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