Bedside Rounds

If you want to listen to a narrative-based medical podcast, then tune in to this excellent creation of Adam Rodman.

This podcast came into production back in 2014 while Rodman was a second-year resident in internal medicine.

Now, he’s a medical educator at Harvard Medical School and continues this podcast as an extension of his passion to impart knowledge.

This podcast is a collection of “fascinating stories in clinical medicine.” The stories don’t only educate but they entertain as well.

It takes you back to eras when medical concepts and practices were somewhat different.

Sometimes even contradicting to what we now know as modern medicine. Yet Rodman shows how these historical accounts are truly connected to what we have today.

Learn about the strange explanations of certain illnesses from experts of long ago. And don’t miss out the funny procedures people used to do for treatment.

At the same time, marvel at the wisdom and breakthroughs of the former great minds.

Get to know the different social, intellectual and cultural factors of the past that have shaped modern medicine.

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