Top 17 Medical Podcasts

Looking for interesting medical podcasts?

Maybe you’re a struggling med student or someone who’s been in the profession for too long.

You need a break from the stress of studying or from the monotony of your work.

Or maybe you’re just someone purely interested in the field. It doesn’t matter.

Here, I’ve hand-picked 17 best medical podcasts that are worth checking out!


It’s literally that – two doctors talking casually about relevant issues that relate to the medical world.

Listen to Kendall Britt and Amy Rogers, the doctor-hosts of this light-hearted podcast.

Hear their views about the use of alcohol for its health benefits vs its risks.

From medical marijuana to vaccines, get expert insights on stuff you should know.

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Listen to scientists and medical professionals talk about new ideas and discoveries in the field.

It’s fascinating to know that even after kilo years of studies, we still have a lot to learn.

In our constant quest for knowledge, science surprises us with new findings all the time.

Keep yourself posted with the latest in medicine and scientific research. From life-like surgery simulations to fungi, it’s gonna be worth your while.

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Dr. Michael Wilkes of UC Davis hosts this podcast with succinct episodes.

The podcast describes itself as “an examination of medical ethics and the practitioners who define them.”

Wilkes talks about issues like patient satisfaction and the dilemmas that doctors face.

Should doctors prioritize patient satisfaction over what’s actually best for them?

He also talks about how stigmatized language affects patient treatment.

This KCRW production imparts knowledge in less than 5 minutes.

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Who says doctors should only stay in the confines of a hospital?

Docs Outside the Box brings stories of physicians doing extraordinary things in and beyond the medical space.

Meet this cool podcasting doctor and host, Nii Darko. Join him as he invites remarkable men and women to share stories that enlighten and inspire fellow and aspiring doctors.

The podcast maintains interesting content and a good following.

A must-listen episode is Doc Hollywood with Dr. Zoanne Clack, the executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy. So if you’re a fan of the show, give it a go.

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If you want to listen to a narrative-based medical podcast, then tune in to this excellent creation of Adam Rodman.

This podcast came into production back in 2014 while Rodman was a second-year resident in internal medicine.

Now, he’s a medical educator at Harvard Medical School and continues this podcast as an extension of his passion to impart knowledge.

This podcast is a collection of “fascinating stories in clinical medicine.” The stories don’t only educate but they entertain as well.

It takes you back to eras when medical concepts and practices were somewhat different.

Sometimes even contradicting to what we now know as modern medicine. Yet Rodman shows how these historical accounts are truly connected to what we have today.

Learn about the strange explanations of certain illnesses from experts of long ago. And don’t miss out the funny procedures people used to do for treatment.

At the same time, marvel at the wisdom and breakthroughs of the former great minds.

Get to know the different social, intellectual and cultural factors of the past that have shaped modern medicine.

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Over the years, our perceptions of doctors have changed.

From being altruistic and caring healthcare professionals to sometimes being apathetic robots.

As to why this is happening, this podcast might have some answers.

Dr. Paddy Barrett talks to doctors and tries to address the issue of doctors’ increasing dissatisfaction in their jobs.

Shocking, huh? Issues like burnout, sleep deprivation and other challenges that physicians face.

You’d probably say, “I have enough negativity in me already and I don’t need more of this.”

But it’s not all about that. The podcast also features advice from real doctors who have found ways to overcome.

Ultimately, the goal of this podcast is to help doctors reignite their dying passions.

Are you struggling with similar issues?

Find solutions to these problems. Only when doctors find fulfillment in their calling can they truly add value and meaning to patients’ lives.

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Straight Talk MD is all about hot-button issues on healthcare.

Dr. Sweeney examines controversial issues. Topics like plastic surgery and the use of Cannabis for medicinal purposes.

With years of experience as a doctor, Sweeney lets you in on this thought-provoking show.

He presents the interviews, studies, and facts.

Whether you’re a hardcore anti-vaxxer or a credulous believer of doctors, take a listen. Then make your own conclusion.

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The Healthcare Happy Hour is a weekly podcast by the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU).

If you’re not just into healthcare but also want to be up-to-date with issues on health insurance politics and policy, check this out.

This podcast will give you a full recap in 30 minutes. Stay tuned.

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This is a handy resource for medical practitioners or people in the medical industry seeking to grow and expand their businesses in the online world.

The 10-minute episodes are a gold mine for practical tips on how to establish and grow your online presence.

From Search Engine Optimization tips to inbound marketing, these are the tricks you should know to dominate the market.

Knowing these gems and applying them could greatly impact your practice and reputation.

As you promote and build your business online, you’ll have more reach and patients will start flowing in.

These days, you can’t just rely on good old word-of-mouth referrals or walk-ins.

Now people are likely to look you up online before coming at your door.

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Co-host Dave Etler and medical students at the University of Iowa will give you a glimpse of “the margins of medicine.”

If you’re in med school or planning to go, The Short Coat Podcast will give you a feel of what it’s like.

Get insider info about the goings-on in medical school that no one tells you about.

The weekly conversations will give you insight and make you feel less alone.

The journey might be long and arduous but you’re not the only one. And you’re gonna make it.

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From the “frontline of humanitarian emergencies across the world,” this is a podcast by Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) aka Doctors Without Borders.

This nonprofit organization goes to places where medical help is needed the most.

This podcast follows the action and brings you real stories of people in conflict zones, disaster, and disease-stricken areas.

Listen to experts analyze situations and get your adrenaline pumping as this podcast takes you there.

It’s not your typical medical podcast.

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This podcast is practically a guide for med students who are feeling lost.

Having to choose from too many career options, especially if you’re clinically inexperienced, could be a tragedy.

Mentorless students are forced to make important decisions about their futures.

The Undifferentiated Medical Student (TUMS) podcast sheds light to help you make informed decisions about your specialty and future career in medicine.

It aims to give sound advice about long-term career planning, providing some kind of virtual mentorship.

Ian Drummond, interviews doctors from specialties and subspecialties posted on the AAMC’s Careers in Medicine website.

Get insights about their careers. Listen to practical advice if you’re thinking to pursue a path in a specific direction.

With the plethora of options for your future career and too little time you have till decision time, you need to start listening to this podcast now.

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Behind The Knife “cuts through” a wide range of surgical topics.

Take a closer look at the controversial side of surgery.

Listen to a humanistic approach and some “behind the scenes” scoops relating to the technique.

Kevin Kniery, Jason Bingham, John McClellan, and Scott Steele explore the various disciplines of General Surgery.

They talk with the top drawers in the field.

It’s an educational medium that could supplement your knowledge and experience, no matter where you are in your professional career.

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PodMD podcast is a quick 10-15 minute listen by Dr. Sean Mackay and Caroline Chaplin.

The podcast is aimed at keeping doctors clinically updated and informed.

A bit of a challenge now, given their busy lives.

Of course, attending conferences and reading medical journals cover that part.

But these can be expensive or time-consuming too. This is why podcasts with short episodes win.

Listen to it during your lunch break or while you’re out sipping your coffee.

It’s a great way to keep yourself up-to-date on a regular basis and without having to commit considerable time to it.

It’s a podcast by doctors and for doctors. And practically for anyone who likes listening to what’s going on in the medical sphere.

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Legends are pretty fun.

It’s always interesting to know the whys and hows of things – especially with something as delicate as surgery.

How did modern surgery come to be? Get to know the exceptional and daring pioneers who have set the foundations of modern surgery as we know it today.

Host Tyler Rouse retells remarkable stories of the history of everything related to surgery.

From the beginnings of surgery in Japan to surgical staplers.

It’s educational and definitely entertaining with episodes running for around 20 minutes.

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How would you like to debunk popular myths in medicine?

Join the “Medication Mythbusters,” Dr. James McCormack and Dr. Michael Allan in this quest.

It’s really “BS without the BS” as the pair presents tested, practical and relevant information on Pharmacotherapy.

This podcast is great for those skeptics who can’t tolerate BS and thrive on real science and solid evidence.

The full content of the podcast, however, is accessible to Premium Members only.

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This podcast is a breath of fresh air in the medical and healthcare podcast category.

If you’re a medical practitioner, too much stress in taking care of others could take its toll on your own mental health.

Indulge in this amusing podcast to keep toxicity in your work at bay.

Dr. Mel Herbert, Dr. Jess Mason, Dave Mason, and the FOOLYBOO team will humor your funny bone in this podcast that “won’t hurt a bit.”

Chill out with this lively bunch for a 30-minute episode of amusement.

From farts and hiccups to parasites, you name it. They bring out the sunny and the funny side of science and medical stuff.

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If you’ve enjoyed any of these podcasts or have found them helpful in any way, do your colleagues a favor and share away.

The world is a much better place with well-informed and happier healthcare professionals. Cheers!