Baseball America

This is another source of baseball information. Baseball America was recently sold by TEN (The Enthusiast Network) to new owners Alliance Baseball LLC, a company that owns franchises in two minor league baseball franchises. Alliance Baseball LLC is run by CEO, Gary Green, a businessman and an entrepreneur passionate about baseball and President Larry Botel, also an entrepreneur with interests in baseball.

Through the weekly episodes, this podcast, whose slogan is “Be a Better Fan” shares information on prospects through its host Kevin Kramer.

Baseball America Podcast also shares all the news in the world of baseball while covering games from the player’s development point of view. For this, the Baseball America staff delivers their take on everything happening in the world of baseball.

This podcast which debuted in 2006 analyzes baseball games weekly. BA analyzes the major and the minor leagues, but it emphasizes game prospects. You also get unparalleled coverage of college, and high school games, drafts, youth, and international games.

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