Top 16 Podcasts for Learning

Podcasts are part of the many “good” aspects of this digital world we live in.

Instead of bombarding yourself with self-esteem reducing updates from your social networking sites, listen to podcasts.

They are the best alternative when textbooks become too heavy both in terms of price and physical weight.

Besides, whatever it is that you would like to learn, there’s a podcast for that! Or, to make that 50 minute commute to work less of an ordeal podcasts serve as great companions.

As proof that you can learn about anything you want from podcasts here is the list of the “bests” from different fields of learning.


Most podcasts usually start with a lengthy introduction of product endorsements or “donation” spiels.

But, this podcast is different.

The show immediately starts with the host throwing the most essential question right away. This translates to not a single second being wasted while listening to this podcast.

It is hosted by Jaime Masters, a professional speaker, author and business coach.

In Eventual Millionaire, Jaime was able to conduct one-on-one interview with hundreds of millionaires and billionaires.

Her podcast is aimed at helping people become better at controlling their money. She wants her audience to be spared from the risks of money controlling their lives.

She wants everybody to learn the best resources advice and tactics for growing their own business.

Recommended episodes for first-time listeners:

How to Implement Getting Things Done With David Allen

How to Create Billion Dollar Businesses with Jeff Hoffman

How to Be A Leader That Inspires Your Team with Dudley Slater

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If you’re someone who does not know Tim Ferris you’ve probably been living in a cave for decades.

In case you don’t know, he is the author of several best-selling books including The Four-Hour Work Week.

In this podcast, Tim interviews celebrities, entrepreneurs, authors, fitness enthusiasts, etc.

As the host, Tim does an excellent work of asking questions which elicit answers that are beneficial to his listeners.

It started out as a 6-show experiment. Today, the show has a record of more than 150 million downloads.

However, his podcast episodes may vary widely in topics.

Therefore, you have to make sure that you choose well which episode to listen to.

Recommended episodes for first-time listeners:

Jamie Foxx

Tony Robbins (part 1)

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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There’s no other podcast that can surpass Hardcore History, both in substance and form.

This is not just a plain statement but more of a fact. Listening to it is much like listening to an audiobook.

Even if you claim that history wasn’t your favorite subject during your school years, you’ll love this show.

It is hosted by Dan Carlin, a graduate of B.A. in History.

He also used to work as TV news reporter. He is also a radio talk show host, columnist and author.

Dan’s brilliant narrative is so amazing both in terms of facts and production value.

Not interested at all about history? Go, check out his episodes and you’ll be surprised to see yourself clicking the play button!

Dan’s episodes were carefully chosen. Besides, the facts he presents were carefully researched and woven into one outstanding history podcast.

You can’t help but wish your history teacher were as good as Dan.

If that was the case, then you wouldn’t be dozing off during your history class back then, right?

Dan’s passion for history is contagious.

Try it and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Recommended episodes for first-time listeners:

Episode 56: Kings of Kings

Episode 60: The Celtic Holocaust

Episode 62: Supernova in the East

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This show may not teach you something about Physics, Math, Geography and the like.

But, this show will definitely touch that part of you in a way that perhaps no other books can. The more you listen to it the more you are able to cultivate your emotional intelligence.

Sincerely X is stories told by real persons whose names are better left concealed.

Their stories give listeners a chance to have a new perspective in life. These are the kind of stories that people should hear because they teach crucial lessons.

Besides, the host Julie Cohen does a great job in valuing hard, painful and uncomfortable emotions. Her ability to convince people to tell real and very personal stories is highly commendable.

These are the kind of stories that can only be told from an anonymous person’s point of view.

If that does not pique your interest for cultivating emotional intelligence, we don’t know what else will.

Recommended episodes for first-time listeners:

Episode 10: Gifted Kid

Episode 4: Sad in Silicon Valley

Episode 3: Ex-Con

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Tony Robbins possesses extraordinary talent in telling stories that inspire people to breakthrough into their own true self.

The business strategies he share in his podcasts are truly amazing. Not to mention that each strategy is indeed doable and have high chances of producing desirable results.

Besides, the tips and ideas he gave are not only helpful for business.

It’s up to the listeners to apply what they’ve learned from this podcast into their finances, health or relationships.

Some episodes also feature Tony’s interviews with other prominent and successful men and women.

If you’re someone who has just embarked on a new personal journey with the aim of moving up the ladder of success, this podcast is for you.

Or, if you’re someone who needs inspiration or a boost in your business skills, Tony Robbins should be your man.

Recommended episodes for first-time listeners:

Why Love Isn’t Enough__…

Where Can You Win…?

Break from your painful past…

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This podcast is not meant to insult you nor make a bold assertion against you.

It is all about challenging the knowledge that you learned through all these years.

Listening to this podcast will lead you to change even the most basic assumptions you have about yourself.

The information presented in this podcast will shed light on those irrational stories or common self-delusions that people have.

What if the show’s host, David McRaney will tell you that the facts you learned are no longer true?

Is there really such a thing as “half-life” of facts? What if most of the things in medical school are already outdated?

Before you start to doubt how smart you are, check out this podcast first. (Now, that’s what you call a smart move!).

Recommended episodes for first-time listeners:

Episode 099: The Half Life of Facts

Episode 136: Why Solving Problems Can Make Those Problems Seem Impossible To Solve

Episode 127: How We Became Self Obsessed

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If you want to learn more about the human brain, Brain Science is the best podcast to choose.

It is hosted by Ginger Campbell, MD., an emergency physician.

Spoiler alert – some of the discussions contain scientific terms that may sound too technical for lay individuals.

If you want you can download the transcripts.

The human brain is such a very interesting subject to study. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to learn about the inner workings of the brain without going through the scientific jargons.

On the other hand, it is also hard to be too trusting about what others say about the brain.

For example, many people claim that Lumosity helps prevent dementia. Others say omega-3 fatty acids boost brain health.

It’s not that there is no truth to these claims. But, non-scientific websites offer very little information to make these claims completely make sense to non-scientist audience.

This is when listening to Brain Science podcast will prove to be very helpful. Each topic is discussed by an expert and everything is based on their research.

You can rest assured that all the information presented here is based from scientific studies.

Just a heads up, all the episodes posted before January 2013 can only be accessed through premium subscription. But, from that date onwards all episodes are yours to listen for free.

Recommended episodes for first-time listeners:

Episode 93: Pain (Part 1)

Episode 111: Exercise and the Brain

Episode 145: The Reading Brain with Maryanne Wolf

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Now who says Economics is such a boring topic? Wait until you hear any episode from Planet Money.

You will find that the hosts are especially adept at turning serious and boring topics into something very engaging.

If your Economics teacher made you think of the subject as all numbers that don’t seem relevant to you, Planet Money is the opposite.

This podcast discusses matters of Economics with a very human twist so that not only economists would listen to the show.

The podcast has wonderful episodes that would make anyone become hooked to listening to each one of them. Each episode is just so interesting you wouldn’t notice Economics has become your favorite subject!

Check it out and you’ll be surprised at the thought how interesting conversations about economics can be! That’s Planet Money!

They can turn super confusing and super complicated topics into something that’s worth listening to.

But, a word of caution though for people new to Planet Money. Once you get hooked to it, you will find it too difficult to appreciate other podcasts.

Recommended episodes for first-time listeners:

Episode 229: Why Gold

Episode 400: What Two Pasta Factories Tell Us about the Italian Economy

Episode 704: Open Office

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Breaking Math is a podcast that helps make it easier for people to understand complicated Math concepts.

Certainly, they’re not discussing complicated Math for the sake of making them sound smarter than anyone else.

Just because understanding Math is considered as an elite skill doesn’t mean it couldn’t be accessible to everybody.

Breaking Math brings people to a realization that there are ways to make Math easier for most of us.

The show is hosted by Jonathan Baca, Gabriel Hesch and Jalila Arthur. The three of them work together to ensure that their show does not bore those Mathematically inclined individuals.

At the same time, they’ll also see to it that those who hate Math will enjoy listening to their podcast.

Recommended episodes for first-time listeners:

Episode 1: Forbidden Formulas

Episode 2: Wreaking Chaos

Episode 3: TMI

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Physical Attraction is a podcast that aims to help people better understand ideas related to Physics.

The show is highlighted by guests that are scientists, authors and scholars to shed light on some complicated Physics concepts.

Physical Attraction also presents different reflections by the experts regarding the future of science and technology.

If you’re not a fan of Physics, you’ll be surprised to know just how captivating the entire show is. The information is presented with much clarity and in a very meaningful way.

Add in the host’s humor and you will find Physics less boring and more engaging.

The show is hosted by science writer and researcher Thomas Hornigold.

Recommended episodes for first-time listeners:

Concealing a Hadron: Particle Physics 101.1

Newton IV: Alchemy, Mercury, Legacy

Thermonuclear Takes: Hothouse Earth and Heatwaves

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Learn to Code with Me is a podcast created by Laurence Bradford, a self-taught techie.

During the process of learning how to code also grew her passion to share what she learned to others.

Many people dreamed of learning how to code. But, just thinking about how and where to start may seem to be too daunting.

This podcast will help make it all easier and so much possible. The whole show makes a listener realize that she or he too can actually learn how to code.

Plus, the lessons that the guests learned while learning how to code were very helpful. Every guest is like a new inspiration to the listeners.

Of course, the show not only caters to beginners. This podcast also offers valuable information to those who have already mastered the skill of coding.

Spoiler alert: If you’re listening to the show while driving, you’ll find yourself itching to start coding instead of driving!

Recommended episodes for first-time listeners:

S4e20: Projects And Portfolios: A Hands-on Approach To Learning To Code With Ashu Desai

S4e17: Learning To Code While Working Full Time with A Family with Michael Tombor

S4e19: From Learning to Code on A Phone to Working for an MIT Startup with Elvis Chidera

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Radical Personal Finance is a podcast created by Joshua J. Sheats.

As a financial planner by profession, Joshua’s podcast offers financial planning techniques.

The hardcore business strategies presented in his podcasts are aimed at helping his listeners achieve their financial goals in life.

The best thing about this podcast is that its scope of topics is so varied and wide. Joshua has the ability to discuss finance in all angles.

Finance topics may range from signing up for a 401k plan or starting your home-based business.

You can also count on Joshua to give you advice on how to save money for your burial. Yes, there is absolutely no stones left unturned in terms of finance.

So, if you want to become better at managing your finances, check out this podcast.

Recommended episodes for first-time listeners:

Episode 543: How to Save More Money without Hurting Your Lifestyle

Episode 577: An Honest Analysis of the Good and Bad of Working from Home

Episode 576: Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn: How to Harvest the

Important Lessons from Your Past Financial Failures.

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College Info Geek is a podcast that is dedicated to helping college students improve not just in their studies.

It also aims to help them become better in all areas of their lives. From learning how to study better to developing good habits that help students earn better grades.

The show is hosted by Martin Boehme and Thomas Frank.

Some college students would want to have a side hustle to be able to earn more. Others want to build their own business with limited or zero financial capital.

Others simply want to know how to reduce their student debt.

You’ll get all these information in just one podcast.

This podcast is filled with very useful information that you can apply in real life.

Recommended episodes for first-time listeners:

Episode 165: How to Balance Work and School

Episode 227: 5 Questions: bad at Math, Choosing Goals and Relationship


Episode 219: Why You Aren’t Successful Yet

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The Business of Baking is a podcast that teaches you how to run your pastry business like a pro.

The show is truly an inspiration to those who love to bake and earn from it.

The Business of Baking podcast provides significant tips and tricks to help you start your own baking business. It also gives the audience a heads up about the ups and downs of building your own small business.

Don’t worry, even if the show is serious about helping you grow your baking business it is never devoid of crazy stories.

Chances are high that you’ll be laughing out loud while listening to the show.

The host Michelle Green is so bubbly you’ll forget that you’re listening to a podcast. She’ll make you feel like she is talking to you directly and in-person.

Recommended episodes for first-time listeners:

Ask Me Anything – Business Stuff!

Cake Flavors – How Many Is Too Many?

The Wonderful World of Custom Sprinkles with Liz Butts of Sprinklepop

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Podcasts are all the rage these days.

We have podcasts dedicated for men and women from all walks of life.

Of course, our list of Top 17 podcasts for learning wouldn’t be complete without something that caters to young minds.

But Why is a podcast created to satisfy children’s curious minds.

It is created and hosted by Jane Lindholm. She is also the host of Vermont Public Radio, which is an award-winning radio program.

Busy moms won’t have to worry about answering questions like “Why is it that the sky is blue?”

This podcast does all the work of answering these types of questions to your kids.

So, if you want your child’s knowledge to increase, let her or him listen to all the episodes of this podcast.

Recommended episodes for first-time listeners:

Why is Fire Orange?

Why is Milk White?

Why Do Ants Bite?

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This is the last one on our list but definitely not the least.

Since we’ve started with a BANG!, with WorkLife topping the list we have to end it with nothing short of a BLAST! Our Top 17 podcast for learning is 99% Invisible.

This podcast allows you to learn about things that you wouldn’t learn anywhere else. And, we really mean “anywhere else”.

It’s only here that you’ll learn about a certain aspect of design and architecture that many do not notice.

Thus, the title, 99% Invisible.

The information it contains is something that other shows are not capable of presenting. Nobody does it better than 99% Invisible.

Just imagine how a very visual subject could turn into a real and captivating audio podcast.

Its name is attributed to those unnoticed aspects of design and architecture that have literally and figuratively shaped our world.

But, what’s amazing about the show is that each story is crafted in a way that captures the ears of everybody.

One thing is certain here – 99% Invisible is not just for designers and architects.

The show not only gives you the chance to see the world around you in a different angle. It also emanates a kind of infectious enthusiasm that even those who don’t care about designs would become interested.

The show is hosted by award-winning producer Roman Mars.

Recommended episodes for first-time listeners:

Episode 43: Accidental Music of Imperfect Escalators

Episode 15: Sounds of the Artificial World

Episode 110: Structural Integrity

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