Top 14 Podcasts for Anxiety

We’re all victims of anxiety at one point or another.

The good news is that there are steps we can take to loosen its grip on us – like meditation and mindfulness or simply shifting to happy thoughts.

Conveniently, there are podcasts out there to guide and help us develop habits that have been proven to get rid of this unwanted company.

Don’t put up with anxiety. Live free with these amazing podcasts!


Host Dennis Simsek is an anxiety expert.

He gives a clear understanding of this crippling disease – this evil called anxiety.

Simsek, having gone through severe anxiety himself for 6 years, understands what it’s like to be plagued with a series of panic attacks and hypochondria.

Awarded Best of iTunes in the health category, this podcast is dedicated to helping free people from these dark thoughts and what Simsek calls NATs – Negative Automatic Thoughts.

The topics are relatable and clearly presented. Simsek’s mission isn’t just to help people cope with anxiety, but to defy it once and for all.

“You are more than anxiety,” he says.

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Imagine being a correspondent appearing LIVE on national TV.

Suddenly, you get a panic attack while the whole world watches.

That’s a true story for ABC newsman, Dan Harris. “This,” he says, was “the most embarrassing day of my life.”

The experience drove Harris to explore and meet with a ton of gurus to help him tame “the voice in his head.”

Finally, the quest led him to what he thinks works – meditation.

Soon he wrote his bestselling book “10% Happier” and consequently created this podcast.

Here, Harris talks to intelligent people and asks this question, “Is there anything beyond that 10%?”

Simply put, “Can someone be ambitious and still strive for enlightenment?”

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If you hear people telling you to, “calm down,” more times that you think you should, maybe you need to listen to this podcast.

Hypnotherapist Chloe Brotheridge hopes to inspire and guide listeners to be their “calmest, happiest and most confident self.”

She shares practical tools and interviews experts in the field. The podcast enables you to connect with people who’ve suffered from anxiety but successfully got out of it.

Brotheridge believes that people are not their thoughts, instead, they are observers of their minds.

Finally, she emphasizes that thoughts are merely reflexes of the mind.

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This narrative about the inner good wolf and the bad wolf is all too familiar.

Eric Zimmer and Chris Forbes have created the podcast that will strengthen the good wolf inside of you.

The podcast sheds light on issues and topics like anxiety, depression, and meditation and mindfulness.

Many of us forget that the most important battles in our lives are not outside but inside of us. Basically, whatever we feed wins.

At the beginning of each episode, Zimmer intros with that good and bad wolf parable. Then he asks his guests what the story means to their lives and their work.

Packed with empowering and insightful talks, the podcast was named iTunes Best of 2014.

The Huffington Post calls it, “One of the Best Health Podcasts of All Time.”

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Great things come in mini packages indeed!

I love how this podcast compresses into sweet 10-12 minute episodes.

It’s basically a collection of guided meditations dedicated to fighting against anxiety and stress.

So if your day didn’t start quite right or if you’re feeling some jitters that need to be shaken out, a quick break is all you need.

Hypnotherapist and host Chel Hamilton will be your coach to quiet your restless mind.

This is your daily dose of confidence and feel-good kick.

Just make sure that you’re not driving while listening, so you don’t end up crashing into someone else’s car. That’ll be a case you just can’t meditate out of.

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Award-winning podcasters Shann Vander Leek and Ananga Sivyer will help you slay that chronic villain in your life.

But it’s not gonna be bloody like you imagine – it’s gonna be juicy with actionable steps.

Anxiety takes its toll on so many people – especially those suffering from panic attacks – robbing them of a free and happy life.

But it can be overcome. This podcast is loaded with those slaying techniques.

Knowledge will help you corner your enemy strategically – from knowing the substances that trigger or help in anxiety, to breathing techniques.

Tackle anxiety on all sides and slay it good.

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This podcast is produced by the same people behind the 5-star app, Meditation Studio, and hosted by Patricia Karpas.

Its goal is to share how meditation and mindfulness practices have changed people’s lives dramatically.

Listen to stories from thought leaders, visionaries, and experts skilled in the mental arts. You’ll learn tips on how to optimize your memory.

You’ll hear about interesting facts like how stillness inspires creativity and listen to stories demystifying love and relationships.

All these are guaranteed to catch your interest and help you “untangle” from society’s expectations for you to live a more fulfilled life.

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The catchphrase is quite bold and direct – “the podcast about self-care and other shit” – so we’ll give it to them.

Lifestyle blogger Sarah James teams up with psychotherapist Kristen Howerton in this quirky self-care podcast.

The dynamic pair delves into the different aspects of self-care – from the silly to the serious.

In addition, this weekly podcast seeks answers to commonly asked questions as well as questions people are afraid to ask about the mind, body, and spirit.

James and Howerton go from debunking beauty myths to talking about the craziest things they’ve done in the name of health.

Their refreshing and humorous conversations are great to listen to when you want something a bit random and light.

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Hosted by Fearne Cotton, this podcast talks about what happiness means to different people.

Cotton imparts her own experiences and converses with experts.

She shares advice you can build on for a better perspective on your current situation.

In the midst of life’s struggles, losses, mental health issues, and daily stresses, people have the ability to stay positive and find joy every day.

The podcast resonates the ideas in Cotton’s 2017 book, Happy.

Ultimately, it teaches that everyone has their own “happy place” that they can always access when pressures arise.

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Four-time New York Times bestselling author Gretchen Rubin will let you into the secret of a happier life.

Her excellent books on happiness and human nature have sold almost three million copies worldwide.

Together with her sister and co-host, Elizabeth Craft, Rubin tackles complex ideas clearly and makes them accessible to the average person.

She believes good habits are crucial for happiness and she gives practical tips on how to live a healthier, more creative, and more productive life.

Her ideas are backed by progressive science, ancient wisdom, and her very own experiences – rich and thought-provoking.

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This podcast takes a more down-to-earth approach towards anxiety.

If those “steps to battle anxiety” are causing you more anxiety, then tune in.

Host and wellness coach Kelli Walker, used to suffer from agoraphobia.

You can imagine how many steps she’s followed and daily affirmations she’s recited to battle the condition. But this is not it.

The tips and guidance offered in this podcast seem quite basic and something you think you already know, but are surprisingly overlooking.

Walker’s casual talks with experts are directed to letting you see yourself as human – and how you can help yourself naturally move past your anxiety.

One episode that stuck with me was the discussion with Dr. Amy Johnson on anxiety as compared with muddy water.

What to do? Leave it alone to settle and stop messing it up.

The episodes end with a friendly reminder that many of us fail to do in our daily struggle, “Be kind to yourself.”

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Laughing in the face of depression?

Ironic, yes. But that’s what all this is about and more.

Despite various movements that help educate and spread awareness about this common human ailment, the stigma towards depression lingers.

Host John Moe talks to famous people of their bouts with depression, creating more awareness on the reality of it, with a touch of humor.

It’s a podcast that’s straightforward, inspiring and funny.

Among the guests on the show were Ana Marie Cox, Andy Richter, and Paul F. Tompkins.

Mind you, this isn’t a substitute for medical treatment or therapy. Depression needs proper treatment and attention. Otherwise, it could leave people miserable or in the worst case, dead.

But while you’re at it, this podcast is dedicated to smashing that stigma to pieces and helping you out with a good laugh.

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This podcast is really a great routine to start and end your day with.

Join meditation guide, Mary Meckley as she smoothly gives you a 10-12 minute boost.

You’ll be surprised how this small fraction of an hour spent on meditation can turn your whole day around.

There are also weekly themes set for managing moods.

Meckley walks you through techniques to manage stress, have better sleep, be more at peace, and everything vital to your overall health.

Among the topics in this power-packed podcast are visualization, affirmation, breathing, mudra, chakra, and walking meditation techniques.

It’s a complete package to ward off anxiety and give you a sense of peace and clarity throughout your day.

You deserve to slow down.

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Oprah’s influence has become so vast that a word has been derived from her name – “Oprahfication.”

Similarly, she’s become so big a figure and has talked to a ton of people- influencing them, learning from them, and to others – making them famous through her show.

Oprah has a way of drawing out inner thoughts and emotions from her guests, making them open up and talk – no matter who they are.

In this podcast of hers, she talks to best-selling authors, spiritual leaders, health and wellness professionals and initiators of ideas, extracting insights worth pondering on.

If you want to hear from one of the best hosts of all time and one of the leading advocates of positive thinking, look no further.

Anti-anxiety topics include mindfulness, stillness, freedom, happiness and the like.

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When you’re all alone and anxiety starts knocking, open the door.

Yes, open the door and throw a bucketful of positivity at it.

Douse it with all the good things and see it melt away.

Go get those earphones, put on an awesome podcast, and take a nice walk.